Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Useful Links

Blatantly ripped of from the clever Reformed Broker:

Here are the Periodic Elements of the Financial Blogosphere:

Rocket Science (macroeconomics, monetary policy, real estate, regulation)

  1. BP The Big Picture

  2. EV Economists View

  3. IP Investment Postcards

  4. CR Calculated Risk

  5. BS Baseline Scenario

  6. CA Cafe Americain

  7. BC Bronte Capital

  8. AI Accrued Interest

  9. MS Global Econ Trend Analysis

  10. PF Psy-Fi Blog

  11. MU Musings of a Trader

  12. KD Market-Ticker

  13. NC Naked Capitalism

  14. PK Infectious Greed

  15. EB Econbrowser

  16. GM Greg Mankiw’s Blog

  17. AC Across The Curve

  18. MR Marginal Revolution

  19. WB World Beta

  20. CD Carpe Diem

  21. SP The Capital Spectator

  22. CX CXO Advisory

  23. DS dshort.com

  24. WR Credit Writedowns

  25. L Alea Blog

  26. GR Grasping Reality

  27. BN Bearish News

  28. BR Broke and Broker

  29. GG Gregor Macdonald

Rogues Gallery (misfits, jokers, rebels & knaves)

  1. DB Dealbreaker

  2. LF LOLFed

  3. JR Jr Deputy Accountant

  4. WF Wall Street Fighter

  5. KO 1-2 Knockout

  6. LS Long or Short Capital

  7. MW Money Is The Way

  8. ED The Epicurean Dealmaker

  9. UB Ultimi Barbarorum

  10. ZH Zero Hedge

  11. FO footnoted.org

  12. AU re: The Auditors

  13. RB The Reformed Broker

  14. F The Fly

  15. FB Falkenblog

  16. CU BlogMaverick

  17. DY Kid Dynamite

  18. HL Howard Lindzon

  19. RO Rortybomb

The Establishment (mainstream media bloggers/ news sites)

  1. FL Floyd Norris

  2. FS Felix Salmon

  3. MB Market Beat

  4. PB Pony Blog

  5. MV Minyanville

  6. DP The Deal Professor

  7. TT Tech Trader Daily

  8. TS TheStreet.com

  9. FT FT Alphaville

  10. DE DealBook

  11. JP James Pethokoukis

  12. HP Huffington Post Business

  13. CU Curious Capitalist

  14. EX Economix

  15. DJ Deal Journal

  16. TB Matt Taibbi

  17. FR Freakonomics

  18. PM Planet Money

  19. DL The Deal

Stock Operators (traders, technical analysis)

  1. FF Fund My Mutual Fund

  2. CC Charts and Coffee

  3. UP Upside Trader

  4. KR Kirk Report

  5. MT My 10,000 Dollars

  6. SH Slope of Hope

  7. BC iBankCoin

  8. ST StockTwits

  9. MI Trader Mike

  10. VX Vix and More

  11. DO Daily Options Report

  12. CM Cara Community

  13. MX Maoxian

  14. QE Quantifiable Edges

  15. AT Afraid To Trade

  16. AL AlphaTrends

  17. JE Jesse Felder

  18. CN Condor Options

  19. SW Andy Swan

  20. TV Tickerville

  21. LD Surfview Capital

Peanut Gallery (multiple voices and sources of commentary, aggregators)

  1. NV Investing Contrarian

  2. BI Business Insider

  3. AB Angry Bear

  4. DC Daily Crux

  5. TM The Money Blogs

  6. SC Money Science

  7. BM The Big Money

  8. TR Take a Report

  9. CS Wall St Cheat Sheet

  10. MM Money Morning

  11. WM Wealth Managers League

  12. GF Greenfaucet

  13. OA Wall Street Oasis

  14. NF Newsflashr

  15. PH Phil’s Stock World

  16. TF TraderFeed

  17. BS BloggingStocks

  18. SA Seeking Alpha

  19. TW 24/7 Wall Street

  20. DR Daily Reckoning

Baby Buffetts (value investors, stock picking, fundamental analysis, activism)

  1. AR Abnormal Returns

  2. A Aleph Blog

  3. BE Bespoke Investment Group

  4. CW Crossing Wall Street

  5. EJ Breakout Performance

  6. GX Gen X Finance

  7. GB Greenbackd

  8. IC Investing Caffeine

  9. DG Dividend Growth Investor

  10. DI A Dash of Insight

  11. JM Jeff Matthews

  12. MF Market Folly

  13. PC The Pragmatic Capitalist

  14. RR Random Roger

  15. VP Value Plays

  16. CE ContrarianEdge

  17. MG ModernGraham


Unknown said...


Eating another bucket of salmon tonight, Walrus??

Rob Dawg said...

Mmmmmn. Salmon. No, unfortunately today is spagetti at best.

Peripheral Visionary said...

From my perspective, NC (Naked Capitalism), CR (Calculated Risk), and MS (Mish's Global Economic Analysis) are the best of the bunch. I also read BI (BusinessInsider), which is a reaosnably good aggregator, and occasionally has good original work.

I also monitor DB (DealBreaker) for inside information related to my work, but let's be honest, that place is the Wall Street equivalent of the men's bathroom at a seedy club. Not a site you want your kids visiting.

And then there's ZH (ZeroHedge), a.k.a. Conspiracy Central. Also a site I monitor as part of my work; despite being crazy conspiracy theorists, they produce useful information on a regular basis.

And no love for Krugman? ;) Can't say I blame you . . .

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