Sunday, June 25, 2017

Loss of Innovation

Innovation is now in the sole possession of mature, sober, socially suave individuals buttressed by classic education and methodical career advancement in the field and only the field where they are expected to come up with breakthroughs.  

Good thing we catch those outlying kids an medicate them back on the path. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Tesla has an Antecedent

Long time readers know I have good instincts for when something is wrong.  They also know I really want historical parallels to bolster my suspicions.  Tesla bothers me and I finally remembered why.  Chrysler and the convertible.  Convertibles had disappeared for a generation due to a great number of  reasons.  Chrysler took a chance and a mediocre car with a horrible cloth top became an instant success.  There was so much pent up demand that even a clunker sold.  That's what we have with the Model 3.  Sales projections are being based on preorders.  Pentagon up demand for feel good eco transportation. The automobile portion of Tesla is likely to suffer the same fate as Chrysler.

Don't Blame the Messenger

Maybe the Democrats can go online and order some new policy positions.  If they use Amazon Primary and the voice service Electa then delivery is free guaranteed in time for the next runoff.  Use a coupon from the WaPo and receive a bonus discount on negative advertising buys.  

Monday, June 19, 2017

Vancouver Will Implode

Don't worry. It is contained to the Chinese economy, the Canadian Banking system and anyone within  11,000 miles of either.

“Price increases in Vancouver and Toronto have an element of speculation to them,” Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz said last week, while issuing the bank’s biannual financial system review. The review showed “riskier characteristics are increasingly evident” in new mortgages.
A December 2016 Bank of Canada report estimates shadow lenders now account for $1.1 trillion in debt — about half as much as the traditional banking sector — and that over the past decade “these new players have become more important and have changed the face of the Canadian mortgage market … (as) tightening bank regulation can lead to migration of activity from the traditional banking sector to the shadow banking sector.”

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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Whole Amazon Synergies

Re Amazon Whole Foods.  My first reaction was wrong.  This is great for Amazon. $15b is cheap for the analytics they will be collecting.  The only minus is paying $30m per physical location. Amazon will be able to integrate lots of Whole Foods SKUs into the Amazon space very quickly and profitably. Tea. Spices. Baking goods including tools.  Pastas. And every Amazon customer is exposed meaning more volume and economies of scale.  Of course the supply chain will be squoze dry and get the treatment Walmart gives their suppliers but you know, eggs and omlets.