Tuesday, June 09, 2009

2006 Redux

Apparently there's a time warp up in Wrightwood. Take a look at this one.
Tremendous home and location. Five bedrooms and five batrooms with a spectacular bonus room that includes a loft and space used for a pool table and table hockey etc. Home overlooks the lovely setting of Wrightwood's Country Club and local lake on nearly an acre of fenced level land. has been used as a vacation rental for the past five years-at $600. per night-sleeping 23 people. Includes laundry room and 2 car garage. Long driveway can fit up to 10 cars. 2 huge water heaters, 3 forced heating units and wet bar provide comfort for a large group. Intercom installed and wired for music throughout house. Home has been used in movie and commercial settings. Various movie stars have stayed in home over the years.

Sleeps 23! 5 years of $600/night short term rental wear! $250/sf! Purchased Sept '03 for $410k. Asking $950k! And here, look at the price/sf trend. $145 for what is selling.


wagga said...

Not the first bottom today, nowhere near as titillating as the last bottoms.

Jim the Realtor said...


movie and commercial settings?

Various movie stars?

Dawg - this has bidding war written all over it!!

Seriously, $950,000? Realtors should lose their license over such malpractice.

Rob Dawg said...

Yes, "batrooms" in a million dollar listing.

I agree these kinds of listings should be grounds for agent dismissal. In small markets like this a single stinker can unfairly change the statistics. Obviously DOM is going higher as this pig sits unloved. I'm more concerned with average listing $/sf fooling people into thinking the worst is over that is until this not selling means the sales $/sf is way lower.

I'm estimating replacement costs c. $450,000. In this general and specific market prices should be close to replacement costs.

H Simpson said...

what movie? Animal House?

Sleeps 23, but only has 6 seats at the dinner room table and 8 seats in the living room.

Someone drop a dime to the DEA. Obviously the owner/relitter are on crack to come up with that price for that piece of shite.

Every flipping house Dawg shows from Wrightwood is a p.o.s. that is overpriced by a factor of 3-5.

All I can figure is that they toss around these crazy prices and insure at them hoping for a big score after a fire storm.

Town get togethers must be interesting with such a concentration of clueless egomaniacs.


Monica said...

The advertising does not say that 23 people can normally sleep in the house. It only has 5 bedrooms. When 23 were sleeping there, the house must have been overcrowded, and their sleeping space must have included spaces not meant for sleep. If even more people slept there in overcrowded conditions, that would not mean that the house is larger or that this is normal. Technically, there may even have been enough space for all 23 in a room or two (very overcrowded rooms, of course), but this is not how people expect to live in the long term.

Rob Dawg said...

You are right. A little background is necessary here. This is a very large home for the area which is adjacent the Mountain High ski complex. A Frat could rent for a long weekend and 23 would be perfectly sociable.

We are just not able to make the $950k price work. $410k, the 2003 price is more reasonable.

W.C. Varones said...

I recommend Zillow graffiti in cases like this.

Rob Dawg said...

Good one WC. And even zillow says $413k.

Lost Cause said...

Did anyone mention that below 1989 pricing is here?

Median home prices drop below 1989 levels in some parts of Southland