Friday, July 19, 2013

Suggestions for the blog

Having seen what happens to blogs that start "mailing it in" I am looking for suggestions to increase the value of Exurban Nation.  

I'd still like to keep my individual real estate observations focused on Ventura County and the Wrightwood /high desert area of San Bernardino.  Lots of rich data to mine there alone but I know other places are just as interesting.  Preferable guest posts could share them.  

One reason I let the blog slide was the same reason I started it in the first place.  There were stories not being told so I told them here.  Then the blogosphere exploded in housing/econ forums.  Now those places are victims of unfettered abuse.  Too bad, it happens.  Some 76,000 comments later I doubt I've deleted a dozen so it can work.  A little restraint and a little self policing is ll it will require.  

This will be a "top post" for a few days to solicit comments. 


sm_landlord said...

Well, you can only blog about things that you find interesting enough to spend the time on.

If you're looking for untold stories, I expect that the whole field of the ACA rollout will provide plenty of material to write about. Some issues could include the privacy implications of the new record requirements, how medical decision-making will change, and whether it makes sense to arrange for medical care through concierge providers or in medical tourism destinations or both.

Rob Dawg said...

ACA as it affects the economy and more cleverly how the economy is measured and reported will undoubtably be the subject of many posts.

Rob Dawg said...

Tonight it is Pink Martini at the Hollywood Bowl. They are a fun group.

TJandTheBear said...

Hi guys! Long time no chat.

Best to just keep pointing out the absurdities abounding in this strange world of ours.

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

What I always enjoyed about your comments on Calculated Risk (and those of Sm_landlord, TJ and the Bear, etc) was that it was like getting the "rest of the story." I am not a financial guru, a real estate whiz, or an economist, so it was nice to hear the kinds of rebuttals you made and the kinds of questions you asked. Sometimes it is hard to even figure out where the BS starts and ends.

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