Wednesday, January 01, 2014

What's In the Hopper?

Here's a list of EN draft posts that will be coming out over the next week or so:

Peripheral Tunnel/Canal, Same Thing
Local Softness
Why an "Oil Economy?"
Living Wages Compared
Income Gap? Wealth Gap!
ICECAP and Other CAGW Resources
ACS 2012 Median Household Income
Bill McBride asks good questions 10

Of course the usual atrocious local listings and newsworthy posts as we go along but is there anything you'd like as a top post?  Anyone want to guest post?  And no sk, posting my method for n-secting an arbitrary planar arc is not for discussion.  ;)


sm_landlord said...

I see you posted a horrific visual pun at 1:11 on 1/1.

I may or may not have a rant to contribute when I find out whether or not I have health insurance, one of these days. Anthem/Wellpoint accepted my application and then seemingly went out of business for the holidays.

Rob Dawg said...

Mrs Dawg has really good Blue Cross of Texas. Nice to be near the top of a shallow corporate pyramid.

LBD said...

Crossed the finish line and it's MediScare for me.

Cinco-X said...

Nice to see you again LBD..
I'm interested in guest posting, but it's gonna be a little while before I can put it together. I'd like to examine the potential monetary impact of a substantial exodus from the ex/suburbs to the city as well as the overall impact on local tax bases nationally.

LBD said...

Nice to hear from you guys. Hope more of the sane from HCN come on over. Miss real discussion of facts instead of mindless attacks.

josap said...


Would love to see that guest post.

Price of gas, car insurance has quite a bit to do with people moving more urban here in Phx. Our xurbs can be 50 miles away from downtown or a large business district.