Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Big data, big issues

Chicago Tribune reports: The smooth, perforated sheaths of metal are decorative, but their job is to protect and conceal a system of data-collection sensors that will measure air quality, light intensity, sound volume, heat, precipitation and wind. The sensors will also count people by measuring wireless signals on mobile devices. ... Berman... said the list was limited to "nonpersonal" data because the city is still working on a privacy and security policy to govern the protection and confidentiality of any data that the system may collect in the future. Berman expects she and Emanuel will agree on a final version of the document by the end of July.
Trust me. I'm from the government.

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Cinco-X said...

Link from Shill:
The U.S. Supreme Court Is Marching in Lockstep with the Police State

Police officers can use lethal force in car chases without fear of lawsuits.

Police officers can stop cars based only on “anonymous” tips.

Secret Service agents are not accountable for their actions, as long as they’re done in the name of security.

Citizens only have a right to remain silent if they assert it.

Police have free reign to use drug-sniffing dogs as “search warrants on leashes,” justifying any and all police searches of vehicles stopped on the roadside.

Police can forcibly take your DNA, whether or not you’ve been convicted of a crime.

Police can stop, search, question and profile citizens and non-citizens alike.

Police can subject Americans to virtual strip searches, no matter the “offense.”

Immunity protections for Secret Service agents trump the free speech rights of Americans.

Police can break into homes without a warrant, even if it’s the wrong home.

Police can interrogate minors without their parents present.

It’s a crime to not identify yourself when a policeman asks your name.

The cases the Supreme Court refuses to hear, allowing lower court judgments to stand, are almost as critical as the ones they rule on.

Legally owning a firearm is enough to justify a no-knock raid by police.

The military can arrest and detain American citizens.

Students can be subjected to random lockdowns and mass searches at school.

Police officers who don’t know their actions violate the law aren’t guilty of breaking the law.