Friday, January 04, 2013

FS: Nothing

Click for a larger view of a whole lotta nuttin'
Via Craigslist:

5 Acres 29 Palms 

$125.00 per month payments 

(San Bernardino County)

Located on Naborly Road in 29 Palms
Has Electric!!!!
Click on link to see overhead view:,+-115.816532355&hl=en&sll=37.269174,-119.306607&sspn=6.764918,14.128418&t=m&z=16

Taxes are $100.00 per year.
Terms are for 10 years.
No credit checks. No down Payment!

Call Timothy Yxxxx 949-584-xxxx


So what is the price?  This isn't a damn sub prime car loan purchase.  Oh well, I'm sure there's a sucker someplace.
In the auto sales business an incautious buyer is known as a "lay down."  


sk2322 said...

HA! The few times I've drove through that area I've been convinced that quite a few of the people who do live that far out on Amboy road are squatters.

Steve Sailer said...

Where the Streets Have No Name