Thursday, January 03, 2013

iOS Early Beta Selling Poorly

Windows 8 Hangover

  • Last Friday, an online data and ad company found that Surface RT tablet users accounted for less than 0.25 percent of Web traffic during the weeks before Christmas, while users of Apple's iPad tablets still generate more than 87 percent of U.S. and Canadian tablet Web traffic.
  • On Thursday, the CEO of Japan's biggest provider of computer services said Fujitsu will miss its annual shipment target for personal computers amid slow demand for Microsoft's Windows 8 operating system.
  • The week before, Acer's America's president Emmanuel Fromont said, "It's a slow start, there's no question." At the end of November, Asus CFO David Chang said, "Demand for Windows 8 is not that good right now."
  • In early December, four weeks after its launch, Windows 8 had just a 58 percent share of Windows PCs sold during that period, while Windows 7 took 83 percent of Windows sales in its first four weeks, according to NPD, a research firm whose market share data I find to be accurate. (There's a lot of iffy data repoprted as fact because many companies don't report actual sales to customers, leaving analysts to try to figure it out on their own.) Of course PC sales have declined under Windows 8, so it was a smaller piece of a smaller pie.

One word: Zune.  


Cinco-X said...

RD: "One word: Zune."

I won't consider it until perhaps the SE version...

w said...

Two things:

My first premise is that "smart" phones are nothing more than gimmicky toys. I still use an 8 year old G'Zone flip phone. I keep going down to Verizon and looking at the iPhone5 and Samsung Galaxy's. There is nothing I can find on these phones that I wouldn't rather do on my laptop. They are nothing more than toys for adults, and Joe Schmoe can lie ti himself about what a great tool it is and get the company to buy him one, but all it will do is make him less efficient. I can't tell you how many times a friend is texting me and I call him thinking I would rather talk to him than text back and forth. But they do not pick up and I get a text saying..."Sorrry. In a meting. Canttalk."

Secondly, why do I want a computer that is more like a smart phone? I bought a new laptop last month. Windows 8, with the annoying tile screen and touch capability seemed pretty useless. O boy a clock Widget! And a link to my email! I bought a Windows 7 machine instead (Asus UX-21). And I expect to get a new desktop with Windows 7 very soon while I still can. I just don't get the drive to make every device an entertainment venue. I am not going to read a book on a smart phone, watch movies on my tablet, or make calls on my laptop. Different devices are necessary for different tasks...make them good at that task! My wife has an Android tablet and the thing is practically unfunctional for email and browsing the internet. Please don't make me have that on my PC! Let me read books and watch YouTube clips on the tablet.

By the way, who here still uses Windows XP? I have two XP machines set up for the kids to do school work on and for LAN gaming. I wish Microsoft would just keep their operating system boring and plain like good old XP so they could focus on being perfect.

Cinco-X said...

Microsoft Just Scored A HUGE Win For Windows 8 With The Department Of Defense

I really like Windows 7 which I use at home. Still using XP at work...