Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Obamacare and From NPR No Less

And so they dropped their new plan. They just stopped paying the premium.

That's the takeaway quote from a very damning anecdote reported by NPR this morning:

Frustrated By The Affordable Care Act, One Family Opts Out

Rachel was skeptical, but Nick went online and started shopping. He had trouble getting through the glitchy website at first, but eventually he picked a plan just for his wife. It was a gold plan HMO through Blue Cross Blue Shield for about $375 a month.
In January, as soon as the plan began, Nick printed out a list of obstetricians from the plan's website. ...
Rachel recalls two days in January when she sat down and called every doctor on the list of 28. According to her, most of the practices told her, in one way or another, that they didn't take the plan.
"Some would just come right out and say, 'We don't take Obamacare,' " she says.
"Or the best one was, 'The doctor takes it here at the actual practice, but whatever hospital you use ... does not take that insurance.' "
"It was mind numbing," she says, "because I was just sitting there thinking, 'I'm paying close to $400 a month just for me to have insurance that doesn't even work. So what am I paying for?' "
Louis Adams, a spokesman for , says he went down that same list a month after Rachel had checked. He says most of the 28 obstetricians do take the HMO insurance.


Of course one story does not make a failure.  Right?  

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