Friday, March 07, 2008

Dawgz Likz to Watch

Recently purchased/viewed DVDs:
Heathers - great acting, dark comedy, smart plot and dialog
American Werewolf In London - Hello David!
Koyaanisqatsi - if you have to ask...
12 Monkeys - I'm not sure if this is anti-technology or anti-environmentalism
Top Cat animated series - politically incorrect cultural slice
Dead Like Me complete series - what can you say about a program that spent hundreds on every episode and it shows
The Iron Giant - The Day the Earth Stood Still for kids or is it?


Ogg the Caveman said...

That makes two in one day.

Winston said...


If you haven't seen it, watch "The Wire." It's significantly better than most of what comes out in theaters (not to mention TV). If you do, start with the first season or you won't understand the significance of half of what happens later. It even develops an urban planning related subplot for you (seriously).

Lex said...

The Wages of Fear is in regular rotation in my household. Criterion has a newer version, but this one is perfectly fine.

The asian market Jackie Chan movies are far better than the cuts we get; subtitles replace lip-synch and the musical sountracks are amazing. I order directly from HK sellers on ebay without a problem. Project A 1 & 2 are alays left out for handy viewing.

In honor of the DOW performance today, I may watch this tonite.

The Wire recommendation x 2.

Property Flopper said...

Just picked up "Across the Universe" yesterday. Some love the movie, some hate it... but what T.V. Caprio does to the song "I want to hold your hand" is nothing short of magical.

Rob - You are a SciFi fan, if you haven't seen the series Firefly, you absoultely need to.

For humor - "My Favorite Year" with Peter O'Toole. Very funny, great quotes - "I'm not an actor, I'm a movie star!".

Northern Renter said...

Our DVD viewer is used primarily by the toddlers, who like the same films over and over. 'Curious George', however, did open our ears to the music of Jack Johnson, and I do finally appreciate the film 'Cars'. The only adult flick that we rented recently and enjoyed was 'Burnt by the Sun'. Strongly recommended.


PS Didn't like Across the Universe, though some of the song performances are good. And as for 'The Wages of Fear', I spent so much time reading the book as a schoolchild in French class that I automatically recoil from it. Sad, isn't it.

Rob Dawg said...

Funny, I just finished picking up the 4 scattered discs of Firefly from across my 13 year olds room. She has The Abyss extended in there as well someplace.

Her older sister has Across the Universe in her room, I'll see it soon enough.

The Wire; is asking $49.94 per season. Anyplace cheaper? This Sunday final episode. NPR retrospective on the audio stream as I type.

Winston said...

Amazon has the wire for $48.99 per season. I'm about halfway through season 3. Also, I'll second the firefly recommendation(and you can watch serenity after to wrap up the series).

Rob Dawg said...

If that's the amazon price for The Wire i'll use this as an opportunity to recommend deepdiscount. They have a persistent wishlist, easy search and navigation and always free shipping. Here's my wishlist from $6-$7:

The Island of Dr. Moreau
Inventory: In-Stock , Usually ships in 2-3 days $5.99 0
The Astronaut's Wife
Inventory: In-Stock , Usually ships in 2-3 days $5.99 0
Modern Problems
Inventory: In-Stock , Usually ships in 2-3 days $6.06 0
Alien Apocalypse
Inventory: Out of Stock $6.06 0
T2 The Extreme DVD Edition
Inventory: Out of Stock $6.75 0
How the West Was Won
Inventory: In-Stock , Usually ships in 2-3 days $6.90 0
Blazing Saddles
Inventory: In-Stock , Usually ships in 2-3 days $6.90 0
Best of 3rd Rock From the Sun
Inventory: In-Stock , Usually ships in 2-3 days $6.97 0

Lou Minatti said...

My tastes are juvenile. I like Jackass and South Park.

w said...

Iron Giant is an awesome movie.
Titan A.E. is the spiritual successor to the original Star Wars trilogy. It is everything that the new movies should have been.
I just picked up:

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Thin Red line
3:10 to Yuma

I would really recommend Titan A.E. for anyone that likes science fiction. Another great animated movie with a plot and voice acting that rises to a level beyond most films is Ghost in the Machine: Laughing Man.

Akubi said...

Yeah, Lou,
Your tastes are juvenile and directionless. Gotta find some Hillary porn for you.

Akubi said...

3AM to Luba would be the best call.

chickenlittle said...

One of my all time favorite cartoon video DVDs is a complete collection of Tex Avery cartoons available here.
The best of these classics, "Rock-A-Bye Bear" is about two dogs who beat each other up while house sitting for a sleeping/hibernating bear. You can watch it here.

segfault said...

I liked "Dead Like Me." Ellen Muth is way too cute for a dead girl.