Wednesday, March 05, 2008

You think you're screwed?

Check this out. Time for a little Epicaricacy.

40 acres California City CA

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Date: 2008-01-28, 1:19AM PST

i want to trade 40 acres in California City CA for a house near or in Oxnard CA other towns maybe,,tell me what you have,,, No advertisments or property that you do not have paid off I want a straight across trade,, I may trade for some land,, 805-204-4492,,,,,, ,,,,, send complete info,, address, pictures,,,rooms, etc,, yearly taxes,,,,property ID etc...picture is what land looks like ...

Here is 40 acres in California city. Asking $112,000 and would likely take $80k and give a blow job in gratitude. city-ca-93505-1086411208/

Lowest priced SFRs in Oxnard? Low $200s for 600-800 sf and hell neighborhoods.


Agent #777 said...

First, tell me if this is waterfront land!

Agent #777 said...

That "Here" link is not working, Dawg.

Rob Dawg said...

Stupid linky thingy wouldn't linky. Put the damn linky thingy up in the old way.

Property Flopper said...

It's an old story - MY property hasn't dropped in value, but YOURS is terrible and shouldn't cost so much.

Either hoping for a fool or completely clueless themselves. I'd vote for the latter.

Lex said...

Epicaricacy -- very WFB Jr. In his honor, my favorite quote on the subject: "gloating is most sublime of human emotions."

Just be careful, as epicaricacy is painfully close to Pride. Sorry, no fishnets at the link.

Rob Dawg said...

Saint Buckley is on my very short list of people i wish i had met. Saint Moynihan from the sociopolitical diametric comes to mind as well.

To do List:
Dennis Miller over a beer.
David Murdoch over a pineapple smoothie.

Be jealous list:
Buckminster Fuller
Ed Heinemann
Burt Rutan
Harold Edgerton
Gene Roddenberry

Funny Circus Bears said...

You're a mean, mean, meanie Robert.

Lou Minatti said...

That's some ugly land. It's uglier than worthless west Texas scrub land that has no oil or minerals.

sm_landlord said...

I have 5 acres in outer Palmcaster that just appraised at around $2200/acre. So even $80K for that wasteland is too high given its location. At least mine has Joshua Trees.

Akubi said...

I'll need to stockpile ear plugs to survive Shillary.
Why are Dems so stupid?

Funny Circus Bears said...

Headline in my local paper: “Hillary Comeback Shows US Ready To Vote For a Harpie”

Her spokeswoman was quoted as saying: “This watershed victory proves America is ready to vote for a woman, even a ghastly one who is probably a witch and nightly indulges in fleshy abominations with Satan himself”.

H Simpson said...

Hey folks, the price is bound to go up. You know they are not making any more land.

Then again, with the current glut, they may never need to build another house.

Guess misery loves company.

Question: If a trade is made, can both parties take a loss on the transaction for tax purposes? ;<)


Rob Dawg said...

sm_landlord said...
I have 5 acres in outer Palmcaster that just appraised at around $2200/acre. So even $80K for that wasteland is too high given its location. At least mine has Joshua Trees.

For those lucky enough to be blissfully ignorant outer Palmcaster is the ass end of nowhere. The land in the post is another 70 miles past that.

Bill said...

I met Buckley in '95.

As I recall, he never used just one word when several more would do. :)

Rob Dawg said...

Ahhh, but they were always the perfect words.

bohica said...

I enjoyed watching Buckley on TV, on those odd occasions, probably less than twenty, that I viewed TV in the last 30 years.
I do recall one scene where he used a particularily obscure set of words to perfectly describe something, and he just beamed with joy after he spoke.
I respected his use of the language.

As for DP Moynihan, I remember him sounding the alarm about the looting of the Social Security funds, and he then quickly retired.