Friday, January 16, 2009

Save a Lifestyle


wagga said...

Wicked snark!


Northern Renter said...

Well, f&&^% me round the bend! I clicked on the video to watch it and got a "This file is not available to people in your country", despite the fact that it's from a CBC program that my tax dollars paid for.


Santa Flipper Clause said...

Ho Ho Ho - It's Santa Flipper Clause

" Strange women, lying in pools of water, distributing swords is no basis for a system of government."

or better yet

Strange politicians, representing nobody but themselves, distributing TARPS is no basis for a system of economics.

Santa F. Clause

Jake said...

Haven't tried to watch it yet, but this was my favorite show when I lived on the border. I really nice it!

Edgar Alpo said...

I gonna barbeque yo ass in molasses.

Lex said...
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Lex said...

There's brandy, and then there's brandy. If he's drinking $11.95 a bottle "Napoleon Brandy" at $90.00 a glass in some fru fru bar, well, whatever happens I'd say he asked for it.

Casey Serin said...

Don't forget to save my mortgage broker buddy Nigel... he just moved into a new house and bought a 5th car with his sweet, ill-gotten income! It takes a sharp mind to shuffle papers and act as a pointless middleman, you know!

As for the people who actually do real work in this country, like engineers, scientists, architects, and so on... let them eat cake!! :-p

Akira said...

Hi Santa,
I must have missed this reference in my feeds, but it sounds cool:
"Strange women, lying in pools of water, distributing swords is no basis for a system of government."
In other newz, Happy Flowy Fishnet Friday!
Please note that Eileen/Annet/Whatever was brought to you by the murster.

Akira said...

Someone on this blog brought I FUCKED ANN COULTER IN THE ASS, HARD to my attention a year or so ago. Does anyone remember who it was?

Akira said...

Just happened to discover this one this evening: TWEAKING HARD IN A MOTEL ROOM WITH NOAM CHOMSKY.