Friday, February 03, 2006

Raising the Dead

Thumbing through my copy of "The Necronomicon" (at midnight by the light of a black flame), it warns that the consequences of bringing the housing market back from the dead will be far more dangerous than letting it rot in the stygian depths to which it has fallen. The extent of those depths in the dark days ahead will not be known until the spectre of Cthulu awakens and (re)posses those things most dear to the doomed minions souls. Namely the holy speed boat, the most reverent Harley-Davidson, those objects of all desire the SUV, RV and ATV. Only then when all hope is lost and the scavengers are finished picking the bodies on the bloody battlefield clean of all that is valuable will the lamentations of the children, resigned to public schools and community college be heard. Only then as the wives cry out to the darkness, "Maui, Cancun wherefor art thou" will the true nature of the beast variously known to mere humans as the House ATM, the great equity withdrawl, the very HELOC himself so powerful that he is CAPITALIZED be revealed as a vampire sucking the lifeblood of guilty and innocent alike. Listen now, quiet, in the distance. The sound, the smell, the desperation. Those who thought an easy death, bankruptcy itself will be denied. No one gets off that easy. The laws of the gods of light and dark are no match for the US courts system. Ameriquest will eat their livers every dawn and peck out their eyes every sunset only to keep them barely alive to feed again on the morrow. And at night, where will they sleep? Not in their own beds, that's for sure.


Anonymous said...

Been at the hash pipe again, old chap? That was deeply weird.

Rob Dawg said...

Warning: no attempt to dumb down the preceding post has been attempted such that it appeals to a wide audience.