Saturday, June 30, 2007

Caseyworld™ vs. Reality Pt 3

On the Haterz…

LOSSMITPRO “Nobody hates you. I don't hate you.”

Now, I like Mark. I respect Mark. But I don’t agree with Mark. Jiminy Christmas… find me someone that spends more than 1 week with the guy that likes him… his blood family loves him because he is theirs… but even THEY CANT stand his actions… Parents?? Haterz… Brothers?? Haterz… His Abandoned Wife?? Haterz… I mean Mark… everybody hates Casey… and I guarantee you this… if Casey would ever see a shrink… Casey would even admit (finally) that he hates himself… so even Casey is a future Haterz… Casey hates Casey…

On Paying Back every dirty penny…

CASEY “CashCall. Alright. Um, so Cashcall. Yeah, they're threatening that they're gonna sue and this and that, and they might as well do that. But hey, first, they have to serve me with a notice, right? How are they going to serve me? You know, I'm in a different country... of course, I'm coming back, but I'm just saying”

2 things here… notice Casey always saying he wants to pay everyone back.. then avoids the people he owes at all cost… the second thing is Casey has done the manly thing and left his poor abandoned wife at home to take all the calls from the lenders Casey has screwed… Casey you’re a PUNK!

On the Whole Truth

Do you want to know why Casey doesn’t want anyone to talk to his family? Simple, they bring the truth out. Casey got his mom to co-sign for Hammar.. promising the world… THEN as soon as the papers are signed… he takes cash advances to the tune of the credit line… 23K… Who’s on the hook for the money? His mom! I’m sure Casey is thinking… “Don’t talk to or about my family… if you do.. they wont let me screw them anymore… “
DUANE Here's the difference. Here's the difference. You're an admitted mortgage fraud person. You have screwed - admittedly - every credit card, CashCall, your mom, your wife, everybody in the world.

CASEY Duane, you're crossing over the line again. So we'll move on. Duane... you know, he seems like he's doing something good, but really he's going about it in the wrong... the worst possible way, just like Mark is. And all they're doing is just aggravating me more and more as if... you know, what kind of strategy is that? No strategy at all. Making it harder and harder for me to trust them. Taking what my family tells them - get this, they take what my family tells them, and they post it all over the internet. Who does that kind of crap? They're trashing not only my name but my family members.

Oh and a couple of fill in details… the $320 that Galina had mentioned for filing fees? Those are separation filing fees. Galina is getting bold and will not have snowflake run over her anymore. Casey knows that she is planning on filing separation papers and has basically DARED her to divorce him using such language as “what are you waiting for?”… now… before Casey goes calling BS on the latter saying it is untrue … I know more than you want me to… if you (Casey) cross me… I will share more than you will ever want shared… oh.. btw… tell me again why your family met with attorneys while you were away? I forget.

Caseyworld™ vs. Reality Pt 2

Pick, pick pick. The Haterz™ will pick away at the lies until only the kernels of truth are exposed.

On the Subject of Financially Supporting His Abandoned Wife

[from the most recent fraudcast]
“HEYCASEY The money you made on the ads. How much money have you sent home back to the United States, to your wife?

CASEY Oh! How much have I sent home, yeah, I've been putting money into our checking account to make sure there's money for, for the family to spend and that kind of stuff, but yeah it was about a thousand bucks-

(In another conversation on the same subject the admitted on-the-lam mortgage fraud criminal says)

CASEY I did not pay her a thousand bucks? I just put the money into the account! Look, Duane, you don't know the half of it. You think you do, and it's too bad that people are telling you stuff, because you're a traitor. You take all the information and you twist it around and you post it on the internet. You are a big backstabber, and that's the only way I can call it, man. Because that's what you are. You've taken our private meetings, you've taken all the stuff that really is private, it's common sense it's private, my e-mails, personal e-mails, and you flash them all over the internet. How can anyone do business with a guy like that? And, you know...

The Truth: [Duane speaking] Okay follow me here gang… we are dealing with Casey logic… He HAS put more money in than I stated last night… here’s the kicker.. HIS WIFE couldn’t use it though… so his version of sending money to Galina is that he sent money to Galina, but she cant use it…. Here is part of an email I [Duane] got from Galina today… FUMING MAD (permission was granted to post)

Galina writes.. I just started listening to the podcast... what did he say???
(She is quoting Casey here) "I've been sending money home from advertising" (Galina continues) ??????? what????? what a strait up lie!

Heres what happened
2 occasions of money showing up in our checking account

1 the $500 commission from Corp guys that happened to have transferred after he was taking money out....which quickly disappeared by me re-sending our DMV reg and $320 for fees.....

2. then he started using the debit card and caused an overdraft, then blamed me for the overdraft for spending 320 for filing fees. the 320 was over a week ago! the overdraft was a two days ago!
So he said he'd throw in $300 to compensate for "my spending"....I was ready to close the account, but now I had to pay the negative balance.....but the $300 went through by the time i got to the bank....only $209.28 were left when I got there. I didn't care for the money, I just wanted our joint account closed.

I couldn't close it because one of his transactions didn't clear, I was told to come back Monday.

So I wrote him that i tried to close it Friday and will attempt again Monday.....he got nervous and kept asking me not to take the money out....I said I don't care for the money, I can give to Steve or send it to him....he then continued begging me not to close it because he needs to use it for his OZ bills and travels.... basically he "sent" $209.28 to use it himself, asking me to stay away from it??????

THAT''s what he calls SENDING MONEY HOME?????”

[Duane resumes here] End of that part of the email… but she is still fuming because she comes back with this moments later…

Galina again quoting Casey from the talkcast.. “I just put like a THOUSAND bucks into the checking account"

Galina – “I'm just GASPING FOR AIR

can there be a bigger lie than that?????

sorry, Duane for all this......I just gotta express it to someone

Ok gang… there you have Caseys twisted version of supporting Galina… let move on…

Next up on Caseyworld vs. Reality: On the Haterz…
[to be continued...]

Caseyworld™ vs. Reality

First for historical perspective… lets look at a few of the comments Casey made last night (kudos to all the CaseyPedia gang for the quick transcript).

Casey Said:

From his opening statement..

On His Marriage…
CASEY “no talking about my family. Sorry guys, I wanna respect their wishes, but we're not gonna talk about it. And I will just say that we are communicating, we are in contact, and it's not as bad as everybody's talking, you know, says out there. Things are definitely not as bad. And so, that's all I can really say, and no, I didn't leave my wife stranded. I've been sending money home, which is great”

CASEY (choking laughter) Again, we're not gonna talk about the marriage, so I can't give you my answer.”

The Truth? He has not spoken with Steve, he has had token conversations with his mom, and Galina has not spoken to him via phone since he abandoned her. Galina and Casey have had some logistical email exchanges, BUT THAT’S it. If you didn’t abandon your wife, why does she think so? When she wrote to you that you abandoned her, why didn’t you deny it??… because you did abandon her… YOU LEFT YOUR WIFE HIGH AND DRY – CREDIT RUINED, TRUST DESTROYED, BROKE, HURT, and every other freaking adjective you can throw in there…

Next up Caseyworld™ vs. Reality: On the Subject of Claiming to be Financially Supporting His Abandoned Wife
[to be continued]

Oh Man You Shredd

Beazer Homes has more problems than most homebuilders. They got caught. From Businessweek we hear of the the CAO being fired for cause.
After the market close on June 27, the sixth largest residential homebuilder in the U.S. said it had fired its chief accounting officer, Michael Rand, for attempting to destroy documents, a violation of the company's document retention policy under its code of ethics.

Good on them right? Not so fast:
The chief accounting officer isn't generally the person who sets financial policy, nor does he under normal circumstances have primary responsibility to approve major financial transactions, Gieber said. That begs the question of what was going on at corporate headquarters that someone felt needed to be buried, he added.

Beazer is under suspicion not for homebuilding practices but for lending practices.

Independence Day

It looks like our young alien's "Earth Mission" is coming to an end. The nasty Eathlings have powers undreamt of on Caseyworld™. They finish what they start, use the truth in startling ways, and have a planetary defense network they call "the rule of law." Other Caseyworlders are warned to stay away. These humans protect their people and property. The Caseyalien traits of lies and betrayal and concealment only work for a brief time. Apparently these humans have the undreamt of ability to learn from mistakes and not repeat them. How can the Fliptardian race ever gain sweet passive dominion in such a crazy place? These human vermin are resourceful to the point of dawgedness. From contients away they persist upon their efforts to contain the alien "contamination" as they call it. It is this agents recommendation that the Caseyworld's highest council, Nouveau Planets Universal declare this world off limits.
Update: My bad. Wrong alien. Who does this remind you of?

Friday, June 29, 2007

I Feel I Feel Empty

Without Casey there is nothing. Even the Haterz of the Haterz say so. Sniff.

I Have Never Ever Posted Anything Negative About Mark or Duane


Micheale My Belle

Why are people trying to screw up my attempts to make money?

Anyone? Any questions? Anyone want to talk?

"Your money will be used for a good purpose."

"Arbitrage sounds cool." Casey thinks it means flipping. Sad.

"Indian" [subcontinent] Engineers with degrees for $5/hr. Live in Vietnam. Adventure. New way.

Don't let the Scumbags put you down? Not gay, funny. OZ is a great success. Thinks his pagerank is rising. DUDE! Supporterz are there but quiet. $400 so far? Liar!

Skinny Sober Unkempt Talkamumble mumble..

Casey is rambling. Comment here.


Sweet instant equity. Zillow says this beauty is worth close to $2.9m but the clueless owner was only asking $2.1m. No bubble here. Here? Oh. That is Ventura County where Dataquick shows 5.9% negative appreciation.

Foreclosure Dodo

SacBee reports Casey is still flailing forward. Turns out Casey's "Foreclosure Code" pamphlet (nee book) is going to be self-published. I know, I know, ::yawn:: but remember this is the first time little underoo has admited it.
Bob Shallit: Blogger's book has a barrel of red ink

For months, Casey Serin has been drawing thousands of daily readers to a quirky Web site that tells of his colossal real estate setbacks. Now the brash West Sacramentan, who has as many detractors as fans, is publishing a book detailing what he calls his "failure story." Due out this fall is "The Foreclosure Code," a self-published book that tells how the 24-year-old racked up $2 million in debt last year after acquiring eight homes in a space of seven months -- just as the real estate market was turning south. "I want to show people what to do and more importantly what NOT to do," he says, via e-mail from Australia, where he is traveling. He says his book will have some similarities to author Dan Brown's best-seller, "The Da Vinci Code," including a look-alike cover. But he isn't elaborating further.

Bob Shalit can be reached here."

Blog note: Yes, too many Casey posts. Relax.

Conflict of Interest

The FT reports on the backfight behind the hedge fund troubles recently.
Dealers and investors who trade US subprime mortgage derivatives have rejected a proposed change to the terms of derivatives contracts from a hedge fund group concerned about possible manipulation of their value by investment banks.

More than 100 people descended on the New York offices of the International Swaps and Derivatives Association on Thursday to debate the proposal from Paulson & Co, the group’s leader.

Some banks are mortgage servicers as well as being lenders, underwriters for mortgage-backed securities and derivatives traders.

Looks like the bookies can still tweak the race results.

Watching Waiting Not Wondering At All

I let the phone number stay up in the previous thread because it was independently confirmed. Yep, the Dawg Network is fully international 24/7 and ready to confirm everything.

A few things. The supporter who is paying the ticket "home" is mom. Isn't mom easier to type than supporter?
I'm surprised at the 2nd/3rd date. The early intel was for the 6/7th. Perhaps all the sweet media dried up?

Okay, by now I think Casey is starting to get that reality seepage cold spot in the pit of his stomach going pretty strong. Casey, we only wish you what you wish for yourself: Exactly what you deserve. That is why we are watching your every move and every venture. We don't want you to take any wrong turns from the path you've laid. Trust us, everything you left back in the States has compounded in its own sweet passive way. Plus, like any fertile ground new growth has emerged to greet your return to the garden where it all started.

With Apologies to Scott Adams

The real strip is here .
If UFS or Adams asks me to pull this I'll use it as an opportunity to apologize and make Scott aware of Casey. ;-)

Thursday, June 28, 2007

KB Surprise

Yahoo Finance reports an AP story on KB homes.

KB Home Reports Loss As Housing Revenue Plunges 41 Percent

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Homebuilder KB Home reported Thursday it swung to a loss in its second quarter, as revenue declined amid weak home sales and lower prices and the homebuilder booked a major charge to write down unsold inventory.
KB reported a loss of $148.7 million, or $1.93 per share, for the period ended May 31. A year ago, the company posted net income of $205.4 million, or $2.45 per share.

The latest period included a pretax charge of $308.2 million to reflect the decreased value of unsold homes on its books and for walking away from deposits on land it no longer wants to buy.

Revenue fell 36 percent to $1.41 billion from $2.2 billion in the year-ago period.

Wall Street analysts, on average, were expecting the homebuilder to post a profit of 7 cents per share and revenue of $1.74 billion, according to a survey by Thomson Financial.

41 percent. Say it slowly; For-ty o-n-e per-cent. Yesterday people were expecting their stock to have a 7 cent profit and thought it was worth 40. After the bell they get bitchslapped and left with with the bill (sound familiar?).

Hat tip to ha3 who put up a comment as I was preparing the topic.

Illegal Housing Units

Moorpark man arrested after flames consume his home

From staff reports
Originally published 08:21 a.m., June 13, 2007
Updated 03:50 p.m., June 13, 2007

A 49-year-old Moorpark man was arrested and booked into Ventura County Jail Tuesday night on suspicion of setting a fire in his home....
The converted garage was attached to a home, which contained two additional housing units. At the time of the fire, a family with two young children were in one of the units. No one was home in the third unit.

No injuries were reported and firefighters stopped the flames from spreading to the house, according to the Sheriff's Department.

Nothing like illegal units to put people and property and emergency personell in danger. Meant to post this one but vacation and such distracted me. Let's talk about the housing aspect here please.

Blog Notes

IAFF is still up as of noon on Thursday and even with his tricks pageviews are running no more than even to 1/5th more than EN. Todat IAFF is running a statistically insignficant bit below EN. I figured this would be a good time to to take a baseline snapshot in case anything changes.

Dead Again

We can only hope it stays dead this time. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. Okay, enough rumination. What would be a good bill? I have a few ideas but as a racist and other nasty things my opinions are suspect.

1. Enforce existing laws.
2. Revisit birth citizenship.
3. Admit that national ID is inevitable and do it formally rather than let it sneak in the back door.
4. Make clear our various obligations and entitlements for citizen/resident/guest.

0th rule: make words mean something again. If you want amnesty use the word. On the other side If you are concerned about cultural or racial shifts have the balls to use those words.

But honestly I'm more interested in your suggestions.

Triple J Worldwide

People can learn from Casey. Take this reply on the website to Casey's latest fraudcast:

28/06/2007  Okay. This. Is. Not. Cool. What The Hell Are You Still Filming For?

Robbie just spoke to the world's most hated blogger. Casey Someone-or-other. Anyway Casey McFraudsalot reckons he can make about 2000 dollars U.S. a month from his blog!! 2 Grand!! I can get people to hate me or should I say, more people to hate me. Ready?

Man, do I ever love kicking puppies to death!!!

Not hating yet? How's this grab ya homes?

I didn't care when Princess Diana died!! Boo Hoo!!

There we go.

What about:

I delibertly mis-spell words to be cute!! Pwease don't be angry!!

Also, I do this at the end of every text message I send ;) It's flirtatious and stupid, everyone hates that!!

Okay, I'm done. Hate away. Send cheques to triple j, P.O. Box 9994 in your capital city.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Flood is Coming

How could this happen? Read and find out. Amnesty rumors just rumors caused a sudden rush for del Norte in 2004. And don't call the Senate bill "amnesty." Amnesty is forgiveness for past crimes. This is permission to continue to commit crimes.

The Slinky Effect

When you pull one end of the coil it takes a bit but the rest follows in waves. The upswing saw this when high end housing leapt upward and everything else soon followed. Now we see the other end of the coil driving events. Brad Inman does a better job at this than I can. He says:
The math is simple: the risky loans both created and masked the problem of home price inflation, creating a temporary, cheap and artificial entry for first time buyers to get into the market.

With the disappearance of the entry level buyer the slinky has been yanked down. Hard.

Ninety-Eight Percent Leased

According to an anonymous poster in a previous Riverpark thread this empty area is 98% leased and scheduled to start construction in 7 months. I guess I was wrong to doubt the power of the Oxnard name.

CFC Next?

Still a little slow plugging into my news sources. This from Reuters yesterday about CFC rumors.
A report on indicated that Countrywide shares were down on "unconfirmed chatter of a subprime loan investigation." Countrywide is based in Calabasas, California.

Artist's Conception

Anonymous from a previous thread indicates that the Towncenter scheduled for groundbreaking in No '07 is already leased. Believe that and I know of some $700k townhomes in a floodplain you can buy.

I love these artist's conceptions. No traffic, no streetlights or congestion. look Behind where the dense wall of apartments is already rising and in this sketch it is all green fields. Nice.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lennar Industry Leader?

Forbes reports that Lennar had a "surprising" profit report. Instead of a 5¢ profit they took a $1.55 loss. Ouch. No one here had better be surprised.

Question. Is Lennar doing the right thing here for their stockholders by frontloading the bad news or are they going to get chewed up for being the first to speak the truth?

Is California F*cked?

M&P comments:
For CA, I'd say a decade [bubble recovery].

The only thing that would help right now is special refis for fucked borrowers facing resets that let them stay in their houses, but the trade up/equity ATM is over, and over for a long, long time.

Without something like that propping up this state, it's going to bellyflop in a way that will shock everyone.

If this fraud of an amnesty is passed, all bets are off, that might not even help.

Every year, the CA legislation tries to find a way around Prop 13. If they manage that, we're talking generations.

Which is why I'm looking at getting the hell out of CA, no matter what, we're pretty much fucked.

Damn straight. I don't think this State has any idea how mobile and how close to going mobile their cash cow residents are right now. Readers remember last week my saying Massachusetts looked good in comparison. M&P is right. There are millions of families who if faced with what is being discussed here will up and leave. Their vaccuum will be filled with the worst social problems ever seen in a democracy. The only thing we may disagree upon is the better than amnesty bill that has risen from the grave. For many if the better than amnesty bill passes it will be the sign to leave rather than a way to hold on a little longer.

Lies, Damn Lies & Statistics

The Census Bureau [warning pdf file] has released New Home Sales for May. All the real housing and economics blogs will have all the numbers and details but I wanted to take a moment to talk about one aspect of the reporting and methodology; revisions. Toady's release show a 1.6% drop in sales Apr-May. This because April's preliminary number of 980,000 was revised to 930,000. Were preliminary to preliminary numbers to be used May would be down 6.6%.

Holes in the Ground

This is "Riverpark" one of my local "holes." Holes are development projects that have been started but stand little chance of being completed as promised. Sacramento has a hole so large it swallowed CalPERs. Bakersfield appears to have dodged the big bullet as Crisp & Cole got caught before they got to the hole stage with their high rise condo scam. Got any holes in your area?

Monday, June 25, 2007

Casey Vis Exurban Nation

This from Wagga:

There is a bit of a dichotomy going on at EN. Some posters want to return to the good old days of urban planning, bubbles, transportation, energy, et al.
Some want all kc all the time. My suggestions for hybrid topics follow.

Hybrid Topics.

Lending Policies:
Building a shelter from expired, maxed-out credit cards.
Keeping warm by burning contracts & other financial instruments.

How many supporterz™ has kc thrown under the bus?
All those in favour of throwing kc in front of the bus.
Why kc doesn't walk to his W2 job.
Why kc doesn't drive to his W2 job.
Why kc doesn't car pool to his W2 job.
Why kc doesn't ride a bike to his W2 job.
Why kc doesn't take public transportation to his W2 job.

Land Use:
Is it legal for G (or CC) to bury kc in the back yard in California?
Is living in a car accepable land use policy?
Petting Zoos: Why do Kangaroos kick murse-carriers?
Why Koala habitat is perfect for fliptards.
Cassowaries can be lethal. Put kc in cassowarry habitat.
Drop Bears & Fairy Shrimp impact land values.

Biodiesel from algae. (caused by the sun)
Farming Koi (a type of fish) and food fish in Solar Updraft Towers.
Unopened mail & a fireplace: Keep warm all winter!

Urban Planning:
Striking success of kc attributed to Top Down Planning.

Taking out bins 75% of the time is a huge winwin!

Thanks Wagga. Good stuff.

Joe Kennedy Moment

Interesting that so many threads start to converge. A few days ago I posted with a picture of Joe Kennedy. Now we have people talking about "Joe Kennedy moments." Here is a fine description.

Legend has it that Joseph Kennedy, father of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy, avoided Wall Street's 1929 crash thanks to a shoeshine boy. Just before the market collapsed, Kennedy received unsolicited stock advice from a young man polishing his loafers. Kennedy, the story goes, got out of the market the next day, figuring stock enthusiasm had run wild.

walt526 had a Joe Kennedy moment at a New Year's party last winter. One of his wife's friend-of-a-friend was talking about how he had just started a hedge fund to "arbi-whatever" between the Euro and the USD. Guy looked like a modern day Jeff Spicoli too. He knew then and there that our country was headed for some dark times.

My Joe Kennedy Moment was Oct '05 when my housekeepr told me in broken English that she was buying a house for 3x what we paid for the house she had come to clean.

What was yours?

Bear Stearns v. the SEC

Business Week has learned the SEC has opened an inquiry into the recent restatement of certain hedge fund valuations. En has long contended that despite the requirement of mark to market the fancy pants in the financial world have been marking to model. Their model. This could happen to nicer people. This could also happen to worse people. That it is happening at all is at least progress.
As BusinessWeek first reported, Bear Stearns told investors May 15 that the Enhanced Leveraged fund—which raised $642 million last summer—had lost 6.5% in April. But three weeks after that estimate, the investment firm shocked investors on June 7, telling them that the fund's actual April loss was 18.97%, or 23% for the year.

How many other housing contained surprises are there?

[Yes, a repeat image. Deliberate.]

Good Work Indeed

Dear Mike:

Bob is out of town and your recent email has been forwarded to me. We are currently in the process of changing the lineup for this Wednesday's Life Online podcast. Rest assured that Casey Serin will NOT be a guest. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Very truly yours,

Nima Kelly
Vice President
Office of the Chairman
The Go Daddy Group, Inc.
14455 N. Hayden Road/Suite 219
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
T: (480) 505-8826
C: (480) 220-1888
F: (480) 624.2540

Good Work ENers!

Answer the Damn Questions

Of course he won't answer. He'll do anything, lie, cheat, steal to avoid answers. He has lied, cheated, stolen, run away, violated his Christian principles, and worse to avoid answering. That said, let us start a list of "Simple Questions." You know, one sentence, no compound construction interogatives. Mejustme gave us a great start on IAFF:

65. mejustme
June 24th, 2007 at 8:08 pm
Looks like Yoda or whatever his name is must’ve told you that you have to actually respond to comments now and then if you want to keep the blog interesting. Well, at least somebody got through to you. Of course you choose something totally irrelevant to respond to, but it’s a start.

When are you going to answer our questions? Heck, we’ve been waiting so long for answers we have forgotten the questions.

1. What interest rate is your corp charging you?
2. What is your payment plan?
3. Have you or anyone else started paying the corp back?
4. What interest rate is the corp paying to its creditors?
5. Aside from the initial loan of $4,500 or whatever, has the corp begun paying back any of its creditors?
6. Has your guarantor (ahem) made any payments on the corp’s behalf?
7. Why specifically did you have to leave your Aussie hosts?
8. Where are you staying now?
8.5 Who has been taking the photos of you in Australia?
9. Where are you getting the money to live in Australia?
10. Did you “check into” Cashcall’s threat of a lawsuit?
11. How are your taxes coming? Is anyone working on them?
12. Have you been making quarterly tax payments?
13. Now that you’ve admitted to buying GSPG, why are you still holding it? Why not cut your losses and liquidate?
14. Are you planning to return to your rented rooms? When?
15. Do you have money for the rent?
16. Do you have money for the ticket back?
17. Whose idea was it to register
18. Still working with Marty on the book? Have you signed any more people up for NRU? Sold any casinos?
19. What fund offers 5% per month?
20. Utah wrap?

Any more? I'll assemble them, number them and submit them to Casey. Should be good for a laugh. Oh, and the pics? Eye candy.

Housing Jobs Impacting Rural Mexico

I love vindication. Even if it takes NPR to deliver it:

Immigrants' Home Economy Hurt by Deportations

by Lourdes Garcia-Navarro

Morning Edition, June 25, 2007 · With immigration officials cracking down on undocumented workers and the U.S. economy slowing in some sectors, the amount of money being sent back to immigrants' homes has fallen. That has caused difficulties that are starting to harm those economies. Figures from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement show 2007 is on pace to be a record year for deportations.

Everyone reading the subtext? When these people are returned to their homes their homes suffer. Listen to the entire 'cast and hear even more subtext. My favorite was that the return of these migrants would cause social unrest in Mexico. Exactly. Amazing isn't it that those same people when in the US illegally cause none of those problems.

Two Crimes Comitted Here

Several years ago this is where Scott and Laci Peterson lived. Now another heinous crime has occured at this very same house. Countrywide Financial Services is now the proud owner of this fine bit of an American Tragedy.

Guess the "Wishing Price" 2

Welcome back anxious home shoppers. Today we have an outstanding offer for you. Remember, this is a game. No fair cheating at least until we get a few guesses.

Oh, who am I kidding? Here is the listing and here is the Zillow reference.

Good Kitty

Reader submission. Take credit in the comments please.

Anyway it looks to me that rootard is ready to come home. He's burned all the bridges, made all the mistakes, spent all the other peoples' money.

Anybody have a better guess?

Flash Flash

Duane LeGate needs some help. Please list any "haterz™" sites in the comments ASAP. Thanks.

Insurance v. Housing

But "insurance" is such a nice word. Why would something nice be at odds with the housing market? Depends on what kind of insurance we are talking about, whether it is mandatory and most important whether it is priced correctly. Seems like everything in the housing industry is insured and suddenly it is becoming clear that a lot of it is not priced to risk. Wholesale it is hedge funds that are imploding. Retail, the homebuilders are entering a cash crunch and at the consumer level casualty rates are skyrocketing to make up for past miscalculations and to cover the value of inflated replacement equivalents. Anecdotaly my mom who owns a couple "hurricane magnets" on the Gulf Coast of Florida tells me that her neighbors are seeing 50-80% increases on top of dubling and trebling in last years' wind damage insurance rates. [She self insures so it doesn't matter to her.] Thing is they cannot as they have mortgages and must carry insurance. Ouch.

Anyway, the concept of "total cost of ownership" is familiar to us all. What has happened is that way too many people haven't done the math for the conditions we now face. Adjustables adjusting up, refi opportunities closing down, insurance increases and inflation impacting misc carrying costs. Have we indentured a generation of house slaves? Notice I haven't even gotten around to the 300lb gorilla of runaway taxes. That will be another thread.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Casey Goes "Pro"

Dissatisfied with the results of his serial amateur fiascos our young just a few minutes ago announced he was turning pro. Pro reality? No. Pro Real Estate Investor? No. Pro guru? No. Casey has decided to turn pro blogger.

At least this post doesn't seem ghostwritten even though it is well formatted and generally well constructed. Casey has talked to a real pro blogger, someone I never heard about but that's nothing and decided working 2 hours per day is for him. Hopefully the sudden massive focused increase in effort doesn't kill him. He's started adding new and interesting website deals to IAFF. It may be time to revive the EN massive focused effort to tell these sponsor ads just what it is that they are doing via their particpation.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Progress Progressive Progression

The plight of the cities--their physical decay and human despair that pervades them--is the great internal problem of the American nation, a challenge which must be met. RFK Buffalo NY, 1-20-67

So. How has Buffalo, NY fared in the 40 years since these words were spoken? The picture tells a story. This 5br/2ba 1970sq ft home is sitting on the markey for $35,000.

The Distraction of Mythology

For the great enemy of truth is very often not the lie -- deliberate, contrived and dishonest -- but the myth -- persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Too often we hold fast to the clichés of our forebears. We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.

Mythology distracts us everywhere -- in government as in business, in politics as in economics, in foreign affairs as in domestic affairs. But today I want to particularly consider the myth and reality in our national economy. In recent months many have come to feel, as I do, that the dialog between the parties -- between business and government, between the government and the public -- is clogged by illusion and platitude and fails to reflect the true realities of contemporary American society.

Believe it or not this is a "Casey" post. Think about it. These words spoken by JFK at Yale 11 June 1962 were meant to apply to the gurus, the caseys and anyone who fails to reconcile what they believe with what is.

1929 2000 2007 2008 Same Different

The last time sophisticated financial investment strategies got ahead of regulatory mechanisms people were allowed to speculate in the stock market using huge leveraged positions. This contributed to the size and length of the Great Depression. We see a repeat of that today except it is hedge funds doing the speculating. Everyone responsible has failed explain why a hedge fund can do what we know causes asset bubbles. The cynical of us know why they don't explain but that's a different story.

The stock bubble burst of '29 didn't immediately toss the nation into the depression. That took a lot of misteps that won't be repeated. That's why we made a bunch of new mistakes in 2000 addressing the tech bubble. And just like the Great Depression we'd do things differently in retrospect.

Okay, financial trickery causes asset bubbles. I'm centuries late with that insight. We've done the same thing in housing. What makes it different this time?

Friday, June 22, 2007

There Was A Crooked Boy Who Bought 8 Crooked...

Financial Transperancy…

I’m still renewing all my old advertisers so I don’t have an accurate monthly figure yet. As always I will continue being very open and transparent with my finances.

1. Casey has steadfastly kept secrets. Even from his wife. There is worse than opacity in this regard.

2. Casey is not renewing all old advertisers. This is just a lie.

3. Casey doesn't have accurate figures ever.

4. He thinks he can live and travel the world on $1000/mo.

5. He thinks his family can live on $1000/mo. AND pay off "his" debt.

The Caseyworld reality distortion field continues to expand and engulf ever larger regions of sanity. This public service message brought to you by the Haterz™ at EN who remind you that everything he says is a lie. Friends don't let friends be Casey.

Welcome New Haterz™ Google & Yahoo

One definition of haterz™ according to Young Snowflake is when you become an obstacle to his goalz™ of sweet passive income. For we haterz™ this is yet another example of how proximity to the Caseyworld™ reality distortion field can affect perception. Haterz™ wish Casey and hiz enablerz everything they deserve and have earned. If that includes honest income then fine. Play by the rulez and good luck to you.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Of course there are no winners. Trolls are already loosers so to their small horizons that looks like leveling the field. Watching the mutual masterbation society stroke their best and come up empty doesn't mean the spectacle wasn't disgusting in and of itself. I'm watching a wicked thunderstorm right now. Wunderground radar or BOX should show it. The parallels are equally fascinating. Most gratifying was that no one fell for the tricks. The repetition got nothing more than "boring." The personal attacks tiresome and ineffectual. The pretending to be reasonable transparent. On and on. The Dark Crystal will heal. The Skeksis will ascend.