Monday, March 27, 2006

The Moral Imperative

It is profoundly immoral for the US to continue to tolerate the constant dimunition of the very best, brightest and most productive human capital our neighbors to the south can offer. By allowing these people to contribute their efforts to our quality of life we are condemning yet another generation in the lands they leave behind to lives of squallor and oppression. The only moral thing to do is to say no to these illegal activities and help prevent these people from making things worse in their homelands.

Allowing our neigbors to dump, excuse me, export, their social unrest institutionalizes their dysfunctional governance and economy. The only morally supportable course of action is stop out current exploitive worker policies and complicity in propping up corrupt international practices.

Our moral course is clear but there exist powerful undercurrents of racism that wish to allow the current situation to persist.

Got that? Not only is tacit support for the current illegal immigration situation a crime, it is immoral. Let the Cardinal excommunicate me.

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SmellyPogoStick said...

First! Murst! Liverwurst!