Friday, January 02, 2009

The Sweetest Ride

Months Remaining: 10 months
Advertised Payment: $1,173.39 p/month
Actual Miles: 25,500 miles
Total Miles Allowed: 48,808
Miles Remaining: 23,308
Available Miles: 2,331 miles p/month
Leasing Company: Mercedes Benz Finan...
Vehicle Location: Camarillo, CA 93012

Ahhh yes. I love the smell of desperation in the new year.


Mr. Outspoken said...

Actually I need another set of wheels, so if he was willing to see me, say $800 of the payment per month, I'd take over the rest. First, though I'd have to figure out if it would really be worth the hassle for a car I could only have for 10 months.

Property Flopper said...

Why do people insist on renting cars they can't really afford? Even in good times, leasing is usually a losing proposition. Buy something you can afford.


Rob Dawg said...

New bubble? I've been seeing almost identical patterns in used automobiles as we've seen in used houses.

It changed my outlook. For the last 20 years of more new houses haven't been better than used houses.

Property Flopper said...

Mr. Outspoken -

Even $800/mo is silly. You'd cough up $8,000 (plus insurance!) to drive a car for 10 months? At the end, you'd have nothing.

Silly. Why not take the same $8k and buy a decent used? Or take the $8k and use it as a down on a nice, new car. At least you'd have something at the end of the 10 months.

Property Flopper said...

BTW: Does anyone have a Casey update for the new year? Is he at his parents place again or on the street?

I refuse to go over to Casey Haters to find out what they've got, but I was mildly curious.

Property Flopper said...
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serinitis said...

Very little on Casey.

Someone did some text messages with him and he said he was never coming back online. Life is also not working out for him the way he wanted.

Also on, on Christmas, they asked if he was a millionaire yet. Someone using his name responded that yes he was.

H Simpson said...

I did a quick search of the the Riverside area for a Merc sports car.
Came up with this:;?tracktype=usedcc&searchType=38&pageNumber=0&numResultsPerPage=50&largeNumResultsPerPage=0&sortorder=descending&sortfield=PRICE+descending&certifiedOnly=false&criteria=K-%7cE-ANY%7cM-_31_%7cB-9000%7cH-%7cN-N%7cR-75%7cI-1%2c7%7cP-PRICE+descending%7cQ-descending%7cX-popular%7cZ-92503&aff=latimes&paId=299139946&recnum=38&leadExists=true

94 sl roadster in black and looking in very good shape.

Bet you can buy this for 7G in cash.
At the end of 8 months/23,000 miles, you can continue to drive for another 10 years/200,000 miles.

And probably get half your money back if you keep it waxed and the oil changed..

Leasing is for self employed people who need deductions.

Property Flopper said...

Thanks Serinitis. CS has "never" come back on line several times, we'll see if this time he really means it. I think he might - he tried a couple times to regain the high of IAFF, but failed badly. He may have finally had enough.

Live isn't working out how he wanted... that's funny. It is working out EXACTLY how, oh, EVERYONE told him (repeatedly) it would. Some people can never listen, they need to smack into the brick wall (also repeatedly) before they learn.

I strongly suspect CS will end up working in a dead end jobs, chasing the latest "shiny" and always wondering why.

Pleather Murse said...

I like the idea of taking over someone else's lease but for the fact that the leasing companies/banks have a stipulation in their contracts that they must approve any transfer of the lease and they also do a credit check on prospective transferees. This usually cuts out a lot of the people who would be likely to pick up on this kind of desperation deal.

The alternative, if you can convince the current leasee to do it, is simply take it under the table and pay through that person without informing the leasing company. The risk is all on the current leasee if you fail to follow through of course and they have to come looking for the car (not suggesting anything here ...)

Tyrone said...


New Cars Piling Up at Port of Long Beach
$75M worth of Benz

Akira said...

Cars suck.
Bieta wans to flip your property.
Also, don't miss the hot Climate Babes!