Saturday, February 28, 2009

Misean Institute Advanced Coures

Dean Counterpointer has been kind enough to add to the course load:

“Rob Dawg's Misean Institute 401

Term IV : Blackbelt Applications

1. CERN, Black Holes, and AIG. Implications.

2. Introduction to eTrading OFC strategies. Papers courtesy Mrkopolis.

3. Applied Tinfoil Techniques : Guest Presentation from Deepcapture.

4. Where the bloody hell are ya? A How To session with the Australian Dept of Immigration(Wall St and CT Emigration Unit).

5. Hero to Zero to Hero to Zero. The psychopathology of Gordon Brown.

6. You first! No, you! Probabalistic modeling of an Eastern Europe banking failure vs Southern Europe sovereign default.

7. Private Security : A Forward Defense and Investment Thesis.

8. Mathematics and Moral Bankruptcy : The Gaussian Cupola Function. Videoconference with David Li from federal pen.

9. Carbonized wheat-products : The Long Bond and the Immanence of Toast.

10. Civilization : Open Discussion of Prospects and Risks.

11. The Ancient Mariner : Captains of Idle Ships Debrief.

12. Term Paper : So, It Finally Happened. Get Your Hands Off Me You Damned Dirty Apes. Discuss.

The Curriculum Board reminds participants that content does not necessarily entail sound uptake, implementation, or success in future endeavours. Further investments do not guarantee future upside returns.

You have been warned.


Rob Dawg's Misean Institute

Update: The RDMI is pleased to announce the mid-term appointment of Professor Ivana Testalot as lab supervisor for all fieldwork.


Bob said...

Can I wear my "Don’t let them immanentize the eschaton" button in class?

Rob Dawg said...

Only if it doesn't clash with your green eyeshades.

wagga said...

13. Emmanuel and the Story of O. Prerequisite: First watch both movies.

Lou Minatti said...

Really ugly California politician wants to split up California: