Friday, March 20, 2009

Aloha No Moah

No, this is not the absolute end and despite the picture no bottom is in sight.
Hawaii tourism marketers regrouping
Six months ago when Hawaii's major tourism marketers gathered the outlook was bleak; however, now most of the performance graphs for the state's major visitor source markets look like red lightning bolts that have hit ground and begun to burrow deeper.

Hawaii hotel room rates tumble
The statewide average daily room rate fell 8.2 percent to $196.38, the steepest monthly decline in room rates since January 1993, according to Hospitality Advisors LLC. The statewide hotel occupancy rate, meanwhile, dropped to 66 percent in January, the lowest rate for the month since 2002, when Hawaii was recovering from the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Bears repeating: " look like red lightning bolts that have hit ground and begun to burrow deeper."


Unknown said...

I am planning to go stimulate their economy in September. Already got a smokin deal on a condo by negotiating with the owner. Flying with frequent flyer miles. Plan to have breakfast on the lanai, pack lunches for trips, and BBQ for dinner. We will go out a few times though. Hiking and snorkling for site seeing. Hmmmm. This isn't because of the economic conditions, just how my wife and I like to travel.

I bet a lot of people that are scraping the cash by to go on a trip are going to be eating out less, skipping the $300 1 hour heli ride, $75 20 min parasailing, and renting less expensive cars.

I do plan to get screwed at the local grocery stores and drink a lot of guava juice and rum :)

Mr. Outspoken said...

Hawaii must be a pretty swell place if you can get screwed at the local grocery store. I might even go if I can hit the bottoms from this post.

Unknown said...

Mmmmmm tapass and drinks... errr.... tapas.

Northern Renter said...

Thanks so much Dawg!
Grrr... now everyone here at work looks at me like I'm an idiot. Just because I stuck my head behind my flat-screen monitor to look at those two ladies from the front.


PS It was worth it. Both are quite lovely. Try it!

Rob Dawg said...

Thanks a lot, now I'm cross-eyed!

Property Flopper said...

I think my computer is broken. I looked at the other side of the monitor and didn't see their fronts. :(

I also tried editing the photo. I did the "flip 180 degrees", it just turned it upside down. I even tried printing it out, but the other side of the paper was just blank.

Jean ValJean said...


That just shows that you didn't believe it hard enough.

I suggest you read The Secret and try again.

Property Flopper said...

24601 -

It worked! I just thought about topless women and two more pictures showed up!!! Hey, that stuff works!

Rob Dawg said...

I'm just a page hits whore. BTW we are almost at

Unknown said...

I was in Maui at the end of February and it certainly didn't seem that slow. Tried to upgrade the room once we were there and they were cutting no deals.

Hey Rob, if you have a sec, I'd be interested in chatting about Ventura real estate,

Matt from Redfin

Rob Dawg said...

Check your inbox.

Agreed with your anecdotal observations. THere aren't many good deals airfares are stable while there's a war this summer going back east. We may take a flyer on a New England trip based on fares alone.

Akubi said...

I like the hot ass fishing at the bottom.
Happy Fishnet Friday!

w said...

Rob, it looks like there is a little trouble in credit union land.

Tyrone said...

I just returned from Kauai; 10 days for work, staying at the Sheraton Kauai. What I've noticed is that the hotel is trying to pinch pennies on little things: no more free postcard on arrival, offer you breakfast in exchange for daily housekeeping, eliminated the Kukui Nut Lei for the guys on arrival (I had a collection going), etc.

I asked at most of the restaurants and shops I visited how business was doing. One restaurant, Poipu Beach Broiler, said business was down 50% for the same period last year. And airports are noticeably less crowded.

As I say to my co-workers, "The economy is in shambles and is continuing to deteriorate, and we go to Kauai for work. Oh, yeah!"

Curious said...

Check out this post from Max from SacRealStats and Flippersintrouble fame:

On the ground in Maui in January 2009. Seems the heli tours are $75 during high season and the wonderful Molokini sail is a dead bargain at $19.

You'd have to ask Max about how those deals worked out though, we paid full price for both Molokini and Haleakala(sp?) "adventures" and while they were both awesome memories, I can't say what they're like at the 2009 prices.

Sadly, the heli tour was $300 when we went so we passed, but at $75 with current maintainence records and a certified pilot? We might have splurged but you get a pretty decent overview as you come in to land on tiny Maui anywayz. : )

Curious said...

Oh yeah, don't expect to see that on the get more like Rob's old walrus types clad in too skimpy bathing suits. I swear, I do not know what comes over some people!

Akira said...

Credit Crunch Cereal!

Akira said...

Who gives a rat's ass about Hawaii anyway?

Anonymous said...

There are many racial attacks by Hawaiians against whites. I hope the Hawaiians starve.