Monday, March 30, 2009

Craigslist Laugh of the Day

Wanted: Internet Marketing Courses will trade Real estate investing c (Ventura)
Date: 2009-03-29, 7:29PM PDT

I have almost every real estate investing course made. I'm looking for internet marketing courses to trade.

please email me back if you're interested.
Thanks! Janet


Northern Renter said...

Let me be blunt.


Once more makes a hat trick.


Northern Renter said...

More seriously, how can anyone be so f^&%ing stupid? In the name of all that's Serin, does she never look at the newspaper?

I encounter that a lot up here in Montreal regarding housing. Ours is still going up. The Canadian housing prices went up like the American ones but with a time lag of about 2 years. In nearly all other parts of the country, the prices are down 5-10% from peak. Here in Montreal, the appreciation has onle just plateaued off but has not yet fallen. I don't know anyone who thinks that it is about to fall, either... most think that a permanent plateau has been reached. I'm starting to wonder if maybe I'm the one who's not understanding.

But the nasty recession you guys are having in the States is bound to slip over the border like an illegal migrant and we are going to get slammed by it. Then I hope to get a good house for a great price.

Until then, I remain your obedient servant..

Northern Renter

Pleather Murse said...

With all those RE courses he could do a cut-and-paste job, change some stuff around a little, put a new title on it and market *himself* as a RE guru.

Rob Dawg said...

I'm likely to spend a few days in Montreal this June with my family. Any suggestions?

Northern Renter said...

Well first off, give me a call. I'll email you with the coordinates.

Everything depends on the weather. June 24th is a holiday in Quebec to commemorate La Fete Nationale (aka St. Jean Baptiste). There is a big parade and fireworks and musical celebrations. A week later is Canada Day (July 1) when there is a parade and fireworks and less music. The first one is rather nationalistic (in a Quebec-centred way) while the second is obviousy nationalistic in a Canada-centred way.
The biggest draw is the Jazz Festival and it has to be experienced rather than described. The number of free outdoor shows is staggering and the number of paid shows indoors featuring the biggest names is also pretty impressive. Check out
for more info. I see it actually runs July 1 to 12, but it is probably the best thing to see in town. It is followed by the Comedy Festival, which is less interesting (to my jaundiced mind).
The park in the center of town is nice (aka the Mountain), also the old Port. The only American city I know well is LA... it is very different here to be able to walk downtown late in night in big crowds in safety. The mass transit is quite good and not too expensive (Damn I love saying that to you!) so get day or week passes.
I like to take visitors to the top of the mountain and then drive down the most expensive part of town (upper Westmount) just for the views that those houses have.
Gastronomically, the town has some great restaurants but we never go to them so I won't say a word. You have to try the local bagels and the local smoked meat, though. You better not try another local specialty (poutine) which consists of french fries topped with gravy and melted cheese curds. You can practically hear the arteries clogging up.
You should make time to drive up the St. Lawrence. Quebec City is remarkably beautiful and the scenery beyond there is fantastic. It is really worth the time to visit.
Anyways, we'll talk more about this off the blog.


Rob Dawg said...

Thanks. We will indeed talk more.

As to transit. When we visit Boston we generally park the car. Montreal and Toronto are at least as viable for a family vacation experience. It didn't even occur to me to NOT get passes. Oh, and we have passports so there should be no trouble there.

I cannot believe the dollar/loonie this year compared to last year when we visited Vancouver. We have lots of experience with New England so we'll be focusing on the particular charms of Canada itself not the geography. Having a name that ends with an accent might help us ugly Americans. BTW my aunt is part owner of a resort in Waterville Valley some 300km to your south.

Yeah, I've been warned about the food (meaning TOO good). Even the usually safe stuff sometimes arrives swimming in cholesterol . Grilled/boiled seafood for me. We'll talk more later.

Northern Renter said...


I don't have your email addy and I didn't see it on the blog page. Care to enlighten me?


Rob Dawg said...

tooo many "admirers."

te ch scan @ yahoo dot com and I'll give you the real addy. Again, thanks.

Tach said...

Montreal is a great city, and I second the recommendation on trying the smoked meat sandwiches. Everybody has their favourite place, but Schwartz's on St.Denis(? - I haven't lived in Montreal since 1995.

A quick comment of Quebec City. I think Northern Renter meant that Vieux Quebec (Old Quebec City) is remarkably beautiful, because a lot of the city could be any city in North America, but with French signs.

H Simpson said...

if the Canadian UAW does not back down to Chyco's demands, you will see the plants shut down faster than a crack house next to a police convention.

segfault said...

Montreal is a beautiful city...

I heard an ad for a Kiyosaki meet-up on the radio today. The first thing they said was that Kiyosaki wouldn't actually be there (rats!). The second thing they said was that Kiyosaki himself predicted the current economic meltdown six years ago. If memory serves, six years ago, Kiyosaki was telling everyone to leverage themselves to the hilt and buy as much real estate as they could with no money down, but that may just be my memory.

Monica said...

Guys, I'm in Montreal, too. Maybe if you want, I could even meet you to show you that I don't weight 600pounds. I'm not sure I'll have time, though.

taiwanpollution said...

I don't believe it is courses you need. The best thing you could do is find a mentor. Someone with a proven background that you know will be able to help you. Courses can only get you so far and the rest of the journey can be tough and long. A mentor won't be able to show you the easy route BUT they will be able to offer tips to make it easier and faster.

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serinitis said...

Casey's email must be full. It looks like the previous post was a gold nugget directed at him.

Cobradriver said...

"So, tell me. Are you seeing snowbirds turning into year round or empty houses year round as they stay up north?"


In all honesty I haven't seen a difference. I will say this snowbird year is a whole lot better than the last two. We started getting crushed in late 05/early 06. That gives us a three year head start. Our freight volumes are up quite a bit for this area. Heck,some drivers are actually getting overtime!

As a point,most of the real garbage in our area has been ran through the market already. Now we move on to the 200-400K peak price homes that should be priced 50-125K.

Median HOUSEHOLD income...35K
3 times the median...105K
14K listings approx. in the county.
Less than 2K are under 125K.
We have a long way to go...


Oh,the above figures have no raw land data included. If you add that there are close to 28K listings in the county. We are selling a total of 350-400 combined a month...

Rob Dawg said...

In all honesty I haven't seen a difference.

That's why I asked. It's better than guessing from 4000 miles away.

It will be interesting to see how many stick around after Memorial Day, meaning they sold the big house.