Monday, March 02, 2009

History Judges

Jan 22nd 2001 10,578 DJIA
Jan 22nd 2009 08,228 DJIA
Mar 02nd 2009 06,763 DJIA

First absolute xx.x% (over 8 years)
Second absolute yy.y% (over 1 month)

First delta xx.x% (not compounded)
Second delta yy.y%

Who owns the depression baby?


Property Flopper said...

You're not the FIRST to try to drop this the new admin, but please... after going on about how the market is wildly over valued for so long, suddenly it's the fault of a group in place for just over a month?

The smoke and mirrors have gone away, now it's time for pain. This goes back for years, not one month.

Rob Dawg said...

No, no, no. You misunderstand. Look again. I even left the numbers out. Would I do that if I were on a blame hunt?

w said...

PF, good thing most voters are not bright enough to think beyond a timeline. Especially, the independents. Clinton was the master of economics because he got to preside during a good economy. Who had more to do with it, Clinton or Gingrich? Neither.

Bush got the bubble boom. Most folks will be blathering in 4 years that times were good under W.

Obama is a socialist and he inherited a depression. He will not be president for 16 years to get credit for pulling us out of it. Too bad.

Some dorky business type like Romney will be the next president and may get the credit.

w said...

OT, so now taht they found the boat those NFL guys were on what are the chances they find them alive? I should think that now thay can really focus their efforts on the drift pattern.

Any idea how tight that drift pattern could be? It has been almost 48 hours since they were seperated from the boat.

Peripheral Visionary said...

Ah, for the goold old days when 300 points off the Dow was only 2%, not 4.5%. Oh well, those times aren't coming back, not any time soon at least.

I've always felt that the President's influence on the economy was wildly overstated. Congress has more influence, but they're happy to lay blame/praise at the President's feet so that they aren't held accountable. But the Federal Reserve arguably has the most influence; and given the blather coming out of Greenspan's and Bernanke's mouths over the last two decades ("savings glut"? are you kidding me?), I'd say they should be the first to be blamed for the current mess.

(No, don't worry, I still blame Casey too, as well as uncounted numbers of greedy and/or foolish specu-vestor-spenders, I just don't think they're as culpible as the authorities)

Lost Cause said...

S&P 500, indeed.

Rob Dawg said...

We've seen this coming from at least Oct 6th, 2006 and yet it comes as a big surprise to the MSM and PTB.

Lost Cause said...

We're gonna party like its 1999! Woah!

Property Flopper said...

Rob - My appologies, I misinterpreted what you were goign for.

PV - You are correct. The Pres getting shot is always good for a big drop in the DOW. Outside of that, they really don't have that much control (if they did, it would never go down).

Lost Cause - That's really funny.

Rob Dawg said...

Property Flopper said...

Rob - My appologies, I misinterpreted what you were going for.

No apology necessary. I often blur the lines to stimulate intelligent debate.

Property Flopper said...

Well, I'm good for the debate part at least. Would try for the intelligent part, but I've been dealing with "user from hell" most of the day.

JP said...

1. Check the years on your post. Otherwise, the cognitive impaired will scrunch their eyebrows and say things like: wtf?

2. How many prez's have the honor of leaving a Dow lower than when they entered office? I don't think there's ever been two in a row.

JP said...

And fyi: I was scrunching my eyebrows and saying wtf?

Rob Dawg said...

Soory. Fat finger stupid mistype of the kind that is almost impossible for the author to see. Corrected and acknowledged here.

NHSteph said...

This is novel. Port St. Lucie jumps the shark.

Fla. county may declare itself disaster area