Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Go Amazon!

Amazon Dumps Colorado Affliates
[From Inc.]
Mr. Cause meet Mr. Effect. Last week, the governor of Colorado signed a new law levying sales taxes on online retailers.

Amazon has officially balked.


The States are desperate for revenue no matter the cost. That never ends well.


Sweet Cashback said...

FIRST (includes 8.15% Tax)

Bob said...

I'm really surprised no state has pulled a RIAA v. Napster and nailed some teenager for failing to pay use tax on an internet purchase.

Bob said...

Hilda: j'approuve. Much better than the usual dessicated waifs featured.

Pleather Murse said...

There was an article similar to this in the L.A. Times last December. The writer had the temerity to support the idea of imposing sales tax. 90% of the comments were quite vigorously against the concept.

Internet sales tax scofflaws cheat state

Officials calculate that online shoppers who have failed to pay California's (100% legal) user tax owe the state more than $1 billion.

Unknown said...
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w said...

I hate Michael Hiltzik. He is a moron.

I do not see why the state would have any reason to tax an item from another state. Isn't the idea that a business residing in a city or state derives some benefit from the city or state's services? Since internet businesses cost the state NOTHING in the way of services why do they have any right to tax them?

The idea of taxation to support services has been twisted into outright theft.

The state does need not an obvious link between a tax and a service. The state is the new Mafia.

w said...

I have noticed that the pot holes are getting really bad in Oxnard. These are major thoroughfares in the biggest city in Ventura County where several billion dollars of commerce take place.

Also, there is a huge stretch on the 101 north of Ventura where there are 1 foot wide, 2 inch deep ruts that go for miles in the tire paths. This is the only road connecting commerce between coastal cities in California. The Pacific Ocean is on one side of the road and 1000s of square miles of mountains are on the other side.

On Victoria in Ventura, they covered the road with some kind of a cheap seal instead of re-paving and it is already cracking and uneven. The county government is along this road.

Who knows what other infrastructure is also crumbling that we cannot see?

Pleather Murse said...

Unemployment tops 20% in eight California counties

The unemployment rate for the Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario metro area reached 15% in January, its highest since 1990, the earliest year for which the state has comparable data available.

Merced County had an unemployment rate of 21.7% in January, and Imperial County's rate was 27.3%.

The national unemployment rate in January was 9.7%, and the country experienced a strong 5.75% annualized increase in gross domestic product in last year's final three months. "The real mystery now is why we aren't getting job growth when the GDP has been positive," said Stephen Levy, director of the Center for Continuing Study of the California Economy.,0,3667613.story

Tyrone said...

California's Cash Crunch

All is well??

segfault said...


We'll never know until a bridge collapses or some other disaster happens.

serinitis said...

He's back

Sun said...

Serinitis, thanks for the link. Wow! I didn't know this:

"banks are actually *prohibited* from lending their own money and how all the value was CREATED from
my signature!"

Finally - my eyes have been opened!

Lost Cause said...

People shouldn't give legal advice without a license. I think that is against the law. I sure hope that the authorities don't come down too hard on Casey.

Pleather Murse said...

KC is an idiot, caught between a rock and a hard place. He won't simply do things legitimately because it seems to be too much work (though he works a lot harder avoiding normal work than he would working) and yet lacks the courage of his convictions to really go balls-out into criminality with no remorse. So, he flaps in the breeze.

wagga said...

I've lost count of the number of blogs, maybe the 007 look means this is the seventh blogscam?

Does anybody remember the definition of insanity?