Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spring '11


Unknown said...


Your blog is dead, man. Close up shop already, you're embarrassing yourself.

nanoo-nanoo said...


OH, this is lovely and thank you for posting it. I'm still in MUD season and likely will be for awhile yet.

This year is worse since we have the depressing left overs of a wind storm in Dec which has to be cleaned up.

I hope you have a wonderful season Rob.

chickelit said...

Very nice photos. I use to spend quite a bit of time here.

Wha happened?

Forrest Seale said...

An early spring was the only thing I enjoyed while living in Ventura, some twenty-five years ago. Back when boat slips in V. Harbor went for $1.50 per foot and the hottest spot in town was the Ban-Dar.