Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fourteen Year Old Tease

Okay now that I have your attention,  ;)

The "tease" is indeed 14 years old having been built in 1999 and the acreage is indeed rolling terrain but the price... oh my, the price.  

 The house in question is 5471 Locarno in Wrightwood. 

And why the "tease?"  Because it isn't an honest listing and the agent is completely lacking in ethics.  Here's the listing history:

Apr 24, 2013    Price Changed $299,900   

Mar 07, 2013    Price Changed $285,000   

Nov 15, 2012    Listed (Active) $299,999   

Jun 07, 2007    Sold (Public Records) $402,500

It should be noted that for the market it is nicely staged.  Homey and settled in.  The house is asking 50% more per square foot than the market supports.  For some reason they increased the price despite claiming it is a regular listing.  They spent 4 months at the original price, 4 weeks at the lower price and now are almost back to the price that sat for four months. 

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