Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Going to the Bank for a Loan

Dawg: "I've come here for a loan."

Banker: "Excellent.  Contrary to popular opinion that's is indeed what we are here for. 

Dawg: "I have these great ideas for expanding my business."

Banker: "Go on."

Dawg: "It's simple.  Instead of automation I want enough money for the next few years to cover my expenses vice minimum/low wage employees instead of technology displacement investment." 

Banker: "Doesn't sound very smart Mr. Dawg." 

Dawg: "Exactly."

Banker: "Exactly?"

Dawg: "Yes.  Here's how the math breaks down.  All my competitors see the writing on the walls and decide
jettison meatsacks as fast as possible.  I pick them up cheap but not so cheap that I can compete.  At first."

Banker: "Wait?"

Dawg: "Yes, and this is the genius.  I wait.  After the first wave I adopt the best technology and at a fraction of the early adopter prices.  THEN I dump the biological cost centers in favor of optimal capital return.  " 

Banker: "Ahhh, yes.  We can do business." 

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Stagflationary Mark said...

If only Costco would sell new meatsacks in bulk. No, that probably wouldn't work. Never mind.

Brand new meatsacks are practically useless. You have to age them at least 18 years but no more than 65. Buying the meatsacks used is therefore probably the better way to go.

The biggest problem meatsacks face when trying to compete in the open market is that it takes 18 years to download their basic programming and an additional 4 years or more to download their advanced programming. None of that download time is cheap.

There are other problems of course. For example, if you put a human meatsack in a cage with a lion meatsack, then the human meatsack processing power and physical abilities will tend to degrade rapidly.

Gallows humor.