Monday, January 30, 2017

A Mere 50 Miles from Los Angeles

don't tell anyone. ;)


Unknown said...

If you do, be sure to mention that rabid quail aren't common.

Lawyerliz said...

Friends of mine, here a long time from there, don't miss LA at all. Greer and aulfuller each time they visit.

Lawyerliz said...


sm_landlord said...

Moar hawks to deal with rabid quail!

NB: Google has so messed up their single sign-on system that I had to go to another computer to sign on and post this. Basically, if a browser knows about my Google accounts, I can't sign on to my Blogger account. So unfortunately I will not be able to post here very often, as I don't want TehGoog do do any more tracking than they are already doing.

Rob Dawg said...

Google is evil. If you were evil what would your motto be facing the public? "First, do no evil."

I will investigate less tracking blogging.

Oh and in case you were trying to locate the picture. I am at 40% from the left and you are 85% from the left and those are the Oxnard towers. this is from the ridge above Telephone Rd in East Ventura. A really nice lottery property.