Monday, June 11, 2018

Kitchen In Process

Far end side board

Dishwasher and sink under window

stove and hood between lots of drawers

Cabinet depth fridge

cupboards cupboards cupboards!

spices and oils easy access

stainless appliances wait patiently


LBD said...

Very nice! Smooth walls not textured?

Rob Dawg said...

Smooth plaster skim coat over denser 5/8th green board.

Cinco-X said...


Lawyerliz said...

Do you need all that space?
For me it would be that much more space to slob up.

Rob Dawg said...

The space is the space. We just worked with it. When the breakfast table returns it will look less like a bowling alley.

LBD said...

Next is the Kali outdoor kitchen so a huge kitchen, not that big of a deal like in snow country.

LBD said...

Good Morning!

Another cool day 85F and sunny.

Another notch in T's column For NK. Long way to go but it is a good start.

Lawyerliz said...

Son's surgery went well. He had a sports injury in his shoulder.

Lawyerliz said...

All sorts of things shredding and being reattached. Home now.

Rob Dawg said...

New post. The counters go in this morning.