Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Kitchen Project

The cat was free.
Check out the under cabinet lighting. 
Breakfast nook is an understatement. 
That silly end cabinet holds all that once a year stuff and makes for an awesome serving table.
Not quite open concept.  The opening on the right is also a pocket door. 
Was cabinets, now art. 
I designed the back splash.  Art. 
Huge fridge, tiny footprint. 
Tiny microwave because microwaves heat, they don't cook. Notice also the in cabinet lighting.
The blank slate.
A bit dated. 
Even with the penisula not very friendly. 


NA Design Builders said...

Beautiful work Done Beautifully it looks amazing I have seen many works but Your works inspire me.
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Anonymous said...

The range hood wedged in between the cabinets looks horrible.

Alia parker said...

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