Monday, December 10, 2007

Original V-Dubbs Owner Located!

Density 2.0 in a couple hours. I promise.


Northern Renter said...


Bwahahahaha. Do I win a free VDubs? Notice the errors in the English used. At least he spelled entrepreneurs correctly.


Property Flopper said...

Must (or Murst!) be the car. The guy has all the other marking of CS - able to rent a car to take pictures next to, unable to purchase clothing that fits, allergic to work and having a need to brag about fictitious earnings.

Yup, it's Serinitus. Now that you have cleverly identified the transmission vector (VW), we will need to work on a vaccine.

Winston said...

I should note that only the water-cooled VW's are capable of serinitis. The air-cooled VW's merely cause an unhealthy interest in Birkenstocks.

Northern Renter said...

Dear PropertyFlopper,

Please bear in mind that any active transmission vector must be capable of movement. A vehicle associated with CS is only capable of repossession.

As there is currently no vaccine for Serinitis, perhaps quarantine should be considered. Isn't Alcatraz empty?


Property Flopper said...

NR - CS was also around for the "Porsche into the fence" routine, though it has never been made clear whether it was tweedle-dum or tweedle-dummer at the wheel.

Alcatraz is covered in tourists, too much opportunity for the infection to spread. How about San Quentin? I suspect CS would be warmly welcomed there.

There had been hope that reality would have a curative effect, but repeated doses administered to CS have had no impact. There was also hope for "hard work", but CS proved allergic to it. Ridicule and shame have also proven ineffective... work on a cure continues, but there is little hope.

Property Flopper said...

WaMu takes it in the shorts:

Of course, this comes as no surpise, they had a HUGE exposure to the sub prime market.

Lou Minatti said...

WaMu takes it in the shorts:

I'm in the process of closing my Washington Mutual CDs as they mature and moving them to a locally-owned bank.

I went through this before when I was in college. I am not worried about losing the money, but I don't like the idea of not having access to it for an undetermined period.

serinitis said...

Believe me, I am eagerly awaiting a cure. So far only naps help

Lucy said...

Yep - "meth labs" are great work from home "high" income opportunities. Sure it's a "high" risk business.... but hey, the rewards are awesome.

Casey Serin said...

Gah... Rob, my car was actually a 1998 Jetta, not a '94.

Now please get back to posting bizarre pictures which have to be decoded through three layers of symbolism to understand what you're talking about. ;-)

formul8 said...

Ok, this guy is so successful that he only poses in front of his lowly 3 Series and is wearing an off the rack JCPenney suit?


Oh, and hi Casey.