Sunday, June 01, 2008

Casey puts on weight

From the Tainted Lady NYTimes:
These contractors and thousands like them see first hand the detritus of the subprime era: peeling paint, gutted interiors, family dogs left behind to starve, overgrown lawns infested with snakes.

In Florida, the crisis can seem overwhelming at times.

It can take months, even years, for some homes to wind through foreclosure in the backlogged local courts.

Even with the number of Neutron Houses proliferating we still have millions of surplus properties. How anyone can claim to see a bottom is astounding.


Agent #777 said...

First, let me just say Casey will never put on that much weight with his Vegan, juicing life style!

Casey Serin said...

I need to put on about 25 pounds just to look thin!

But never underestimate the caloric content of juices and semi-vegan food -- Jamba Juice drinks were outed all over the blogosphere for having huge amounts of calories, and my standard dinner of a 16oz semi-vegan T-Bone steak packs another 1200 calories... ;-)

Nice pic, BTW... more evidence that algae is caused by the sun.

w said...

Algae? I think that is someones wheat grass juice stockpile.

wagga said...

Wheatgrass contains 2759 unique calories?