Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ruh Roh

1. North American semi equipment bookings decline 37% y/y, SEMI reports
Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) data shows that North America-based providers of semiconductor manufacturing equipment saw $79 worth of orders received for every $100 of product billed for in May. Bookings for the month declined year over year for the first time since 2005.

We are seeing a whole lot of "since 2005" lately. Excepting of course GM stock which is at prices "not seen since 1953." The question is; Is GM worth $6.4b and Intel $116.2b because Intel is overvalued? The SEMI association seems to imply so.


Agent #777 said...

I would say GM is overvalued at $0 - however, this will not stop someone from buying them at some point, IMHO.

Now Hummer on the other hand...

Sweet Cashback said...

Oh you had to bring up the "Hummer"....Snowflake will be ALL over that in a minute.

Oh and MURST!

w said...

B of A to cut 7,500 people sitting around at Countrywide.

Casey Serin said...

@ Sweet Cashback

Not only did he bring up selling Hummers™, he also mentioned GM... as it turns out, when I list a personal ad, I'm a "GM"... more specifically, a "GWM" but you get my point. ;-)

Rob Dawg said...

How did you guys know I rented a Hummer last week when in Seattle?

Property Flopper said...

Rob - Been about three years since I've been to Seattle. Do the "ladies" renting hummers hang out by the Pike St. Market?

And what did Mrs. Dawg say?

Rob Dawg said...

My teen girls wanted me to circle around so they could get pictures! Worse, this particular skank was wearing fishnets. If I thought i could have gotten away with it I would have gone back.

The city is swimming in OPM. Amgen and Microsoft and Boeing money pouring in from all over the planet. They aren't immune (theey think they are) just late to the party.

TallerThinner said...

Akubi - your post in another thread re Lou Minatti. I dunno where he went or what happened, either. I was a regular reader. Have you emailed him? Heard anything?

Akubi said...

The last I heard was from our Casey Serin:
someone on CH.C wrote to him and hasn't gotten a reply. It isn't some random blogger glitch, he apparently closed down his YouTube account as well.

@Casey Serin,
Any updates?

Casey Serin said...

None, Akubi-Doo™. :-(

Akubi said...

@Casey Serin,
Very strange. Hmmm, maybe Ogg is right and the Illuminati did get him.

BTW, is anyone else getting tempted by some of the short sale opportunities these days? I've been finding some Sweet Deals™ on the sort of vintage homes I like - and they even have new foundations!

Akubi said...

I'm feeling somewhat bullish in terms of short sales these days, but I guess this isn't a housing related blog any longer...

Akubi said...

Oops, missed the Scooby-Doo reference.
My phrase for the day: Foreclose Now! (and let's get this sh1t over sooner rather than later).

Tav said...

I've been working on a "Casey's Greatest Hits" MP3 collection for the past few months. Basically, I've listened to 50+ hours of talkcasts and made a Cliff Notes' version condensed into about 2.5 hours with all of the most entertaining and hilarious moments:

-MSINGH, LossMittPro and Duane getting angry
-Mocha and Pink Lips
-and much more

I've scheduled a talkcast for this Friday, July 4 at 9:00 PM Eastern Time:

Casey Serin Greatest Hits MP3 release party

Before I upload the final results of my work, I will host a talkcast (for 2 hours) where I will play selected 'tracks' of the collection and then take calls of listeners to discuss and reminisce about the highs and lows of the Casey Serin saga.

You can also listen to a few samples of my work (I call them "SINGLES") from the link above.

Michael Ryan said...

Maybe Lou got hit in the same sort of "spam blog" thing Stop the ACLU is describing?

sk said...

During the Casey Serin Soap a character called Singh suddenly popped up and got quite a following .

His fans may like to know that a Bollywood blockbuster called "Singh is Kinng" is scheduled for release in Aug-2008

I often have B4MUsic on as I go about my biz after market hours - its as vacuous a channel as CNBC - the movie is currently promoed incessantly there.

Back to more important things.


soem dood said...

secasey's YouTube channel:

Style: VLogging
Joined: August 30, 2006
Last Sign In: 3 days ago
Videos Watched: 103
Subscribers: 15
Channel Views: 762

Is he taking up salsa dancing?

Akubi said...

@Michael Ryan,
Rather than taking the blog entirely offline, I would assume Google would first hide the blog from search engines via a "Content Warning" similar to the one on Zillow Book:
Some readers of this blog have contacted Google because they believe this blog's content is objectionable. In general, Google does not review nor do we endorse the content of this or any blog. For more information about our content policies, please visit the Blogger Terms of Service

Michael Ryan said...

Rather than the Illuminati getting him, maybe he was them all along. "A Lou Minatti"

Akubi said...

That's quite possible.

For those who may have missed it, Laura Richardson is back in the news. It appears that taxpayers are paying $1,300 a month for her car, the most expensive one in the House.