Friday, June 13, 2008

Wishing Price Spotlight

351 Castleton St, Santa Rosa Valley, CA 93012

Price: $839,900 BEDS: 4 BATHS: 1

What does zillow have to say?

Zestimate®: $676,500

Sold 07/28/2005: $693,500

Hint to sellers; Police tape in the sales shot is not smart.

This is so wrong on so many levels I hardly know where to begin snarking on this poor sod. Let's start with "Santa Rosa Valley, CA" when in fact this is a tract home just off the freeway on the flats (Oxnard Plain) in Camarillo. The stink of desperation is getting strong in these parts.


Northern Renter said...

The first thing I noticed was that the place has yellow crime scene tape across the front. Was this one of Casey's houses?


Northern Renter said...

OK, after rushing that first comment (I haven't been first here in many months... mea culpa), I noticed that Rob had mentioned something about the tape too.

Anyways.. we don't have Zillow here and I don't really know much about it. But do these bozos really think that a house which was purchased at the exact peak of the housing bubble could now sell for an additional 30% over that price? WTF? That's not a wishing price, it's... it's... well, I can't come up with a good metaphor, but I can imagine the homeowner prancing around Bedlam imagining that he is Napoleon. The guy must be nuts.


Rob Dawg said...

Zillow also guesses that this can't lose investment house has lost $200,000 in the last year.

Property Flopper said...

A 4/1?!?!?!? Build in 2005?

Who builds a 4/1 these days?

Rob Dawg said...

That was another thing that got me. It is list by owner and that is going to kill him. Zillow lists it as 4/3 but I imagine it is 2.5 baths. More stupidity on the part of the seller. Oh, and this is in the ongoing disaster known as "Village in the Park" which people have asked about in the past. Ventura Counties' answer to the Antelope Valley's "Quartz Hills."

Casey Serin said...

yellow crime scene tape across the front. Was this one of Casey's houses?

Come on, we both know that California Law Enforcement Officers have better things to do than go after a multi-million dollar thief like me.

There are marijuana shops to be busted, for heaven's sake!! :-)

Casey Serin said...

When an outbreak of West Nile virus happens in your neck of the woods, you know who to blame -- as usual, me!

Mosquito-eating fish guard foreclosed pools

Destroying the U.S. economy, unleashing deadly pandemics on the world, being a meat-eating vegan... is there anything I can't do?!? :-)

Property Flopper said...

Destroying the U.S. economy, unleashing deadly pandemics on the world, being a meat-eating vegan... is there anything I can't do?!? :-)

Pay bills.
Be responsible.
Keep a wife.

The list just goes on and on...

Akubi said...

The list just goes on and on...
Open mail.
Take out the garbage.
Be an early riser.

Casey Serin said...

Pay bills. Be responsible. Keep a wife.

I sure set myself up for that one, eh? Don't forget "get a haircut and take showers" -- I've had trouble doing both of those as well... ;-)

w said...

I want to buy a house in the Santa Rosa Valley and have been watching the prices and sales activity for a while now. Sellers are pretty delusional but there are a few people paying todays "bargain" prices. Mostly though it is just contingent sales that eventually fall through. Many of the houses were bought in 2005 and 2006 and they want to get a few hundred thousand more than they paid at the peak. I am in awe of the number of "million dollar" homes in Camarillo, Thousand Oaks, Moorpark, Somis and Westlake. Are there really 50,000 millionaires right here amongst us? That is like 5% of the population of Ventura County. The other 95% of the county thinks their home is worth 500k to a million. Of course only a small percentage of them could actually buy the home they are in now without their equity.

By the way, it is incredible how many million dollar fixer-uppers there are for sale. I assume many people don't really bother with maintenance.

Rob Dawg said...

Perp\haps you remember the Extreme Fixer from March.

Yeah, there are a lot of house millionaires in the area. I sure couldn't afford my house even after the coming crash. It will be interesting the effect on the economy and also future prices. I think you'll see the typical Santa Rosa spread go for $600k in a few years. The real killer will be upkeep for those people. Most have just too much house and land for their lifestyle preferences. They kept up appearances just because they thought they were investing. watch for overgrown bouganvilla as a clue where to shop. But remember there are several Camarillos. Anything south of the freeway is Inland Oxnard and north of the freeway right to left; there is Santa Rosa, center town, foothills, Las Posas Estates and Spanish/Sterling.

Lou Minatti said...

I don't care if California is different and California deserves a premium due to the weather. A mortgage balance shouldn't be more than 2x household income. That's the real world of property taxes, insurance, maintenance. If you have car payments and kids that's stretching it even more.

That would be a nice $200k house here. Generous, because it has no no back yard. Box it up and ship it here and I'll buy it, sans the crime scene tape.

Bill said...

Funny you should mention property taxes...

Here in flyover country, the large (nearly 6,000 sqft) house where I grew up is on the market.

It will probably sell (eventually) for about double what my mom sold it for 20 years ago.

But in that time property taxes have increased four-fold.

I wonder what the taxes will be in another 20 years?

w said...

check this out Rob,

I went in there once and had to fight off the salesmen. They got me in their car to drive across the lot and he took me across town to the other location without asking then pulled his manager out telling him I was ready to buy. I told the manager I was not interested and he cussed and glared at me like I was a criminal, then he stormed off in a huff like I wasted his time. Real a-holes.

Rob Dawg said...

I bought a SUV from Bunnin about 7 years ago. That ripoff report guy has a lot to say but blows it up far beyond the truth. They are a used car lot fer crissakes, what was he expecting, new BMW buyer demographics and treatment? I'll be the first to agree, they'll walk all over you, cut off your head and piss down the neck hole if you let them. Still, I remember buying in 01-02 and the stupid cubicle of worry where they leave you while the salesman goes and fights with his manager to get him to accept the deal. He comes back with the "counter-offer" after we had a "deal" and he almost fell over when Mrs. Dawg and I literally laughed out loud. We got up and started to leave when there was the scramble to keep to the original terms. Again we laughed and said that little stunt would cost them another $200 and it did.

Mr. Bunnin does not live in "Spanish Hills, CA any more than the asshat in this post above lives in Santa Rosa, CA. They both live in Camarillo with the Dawgs. Leo is also a generous philanthropist far beyond his business success. That said the Bunnin Auto Group does not have low prices and exercises some geographic muscle and yes they deal tough. I'd hate to go up against them with a weak hand. The ripoff guy implies some racism but you have to understand the demographic and they don't offer product for FICO 550 renters.

w said...

I agree, Mr Bunnin is a businessman and the peon who wrote this is pretty juvenile. It just struck me because I could not believe how bad my experience walking in there was. Cars 101 is a crap hole. That does not mean Mr Bunnin is not a great guy in "his" community. But it is interesting to see how poorly a business treats its customers when it is dealing with the lower income demographic.

Rob Dawg said...

Agreed, and they could be nicer about several things including the drive from one lot to the next across the freeway crap in their weird captive customer theory. Still the truth is they can't help those people with bad credit/incomes and if they tried then they'd be accused of predation in a no win situation.

soem dood said...

Speaking of predation on those with bad credit/incomes, in order to inveigle them to purchase something they really CAN'T afford....

Guess who the bad guy is?

Get your 105% value, no money down real estate loans here!

Akubi said...

Fuck housing.
I've got my spine I've got my Orange Crush.

Akubi said...

Not to get political, but just to ask a question...
How many folk's here net 250K+?
Seems most super-annoyingly wealthy people I know vaguely-offhandedly agree they should probably be taxed more.
However, McCain’s giving more write-offs to the extra wealthy yet somehow also funding the military lobbyists via that new math the NeoRepugs have been using for years.

Akubi said...

Ever since I was a kid I had problems with ear infections and I've been getting a hell of a lot of noise these days.
Got a new one - Good night and Good Luck!

Tav said...

'Ello Mateys:

Listen to these swingin' sexy sounds of Caseyisms of yore. Arrrrrr:

Casey Serin's Greatest Hits Update

Peripheral Visionary said...

I am solidly below the 250k mark, definitely more in the median household income range (although I am early in my career, so who knows what the future will bring.) McCain's "new math" is suspect, but when it comes to fixing the deficit mess, any math is better than no math . . .

soem dood said...

OMG Tav... taking us all the way back to

"Anonymous Foreclosure Help Representative..."

"trying to jog a mile... but only a 2% success rate..."

"Casey is trying various personal improvement ideas... with varying degrees of success..."


"Maybe they can't afford the guys who break knees anymore..."

Tav: "W2 job?"

AFHR: "Good things possible on Google..."

Tav: "Divorce?"

AFHR: "I thought it was maybe temporary...Casey did not bother to file a response... judge asked 'What's wrong with you?'"

I lawled.

Property Flopper said...

Akubi -

I only just hit the 100k mark (gross not net), but my wife does extremely well (on track for 300k this year), so combined, we do.

We are both solidly behind Obama - and agree we should pick up a higher percentage of the taxes. Our chief complaint isn't getting taxed, it's that it is being spent so poorly. I actually like Obama's plan to continue the Social Security tax above $250k. Personally, I don't think it goes far enough - there is still a "no tax" zone between $102k and $250k. Why not just tax all wages?

BTW: The "Orange Crush" comment... did you catch REM at the Greek Theatre about two weeks ago? Great show.

Akubi said...

@Property Flopper,
Our chief complaint isn't getting taxed, it's that it is being spent so poorly.
I completely agree - particularly when it comes to the Iraq War, Halliburton and all of the missing billions involved in the debacle.
We've all known social security was in serious trouble for ages and I’ve never understood the antiquated salary cap.

No, I didn’t catch REM – There's a character in David Lynch's Lost Highway who says something along the lines of "I like to remember things how I remember them - not necessarily how they actually happened."

w said...

Rob you should do a post on gay marriage today in CA.

w said...

Akubi, I am absolutely sure that Obama can spend money as poorly as Bush. CA is the poster child for wasting money and what party is in charge here? Large government is the enemy, and both parties are to blame.

Property Flopper said...

W -

Arnie is a Republican. Most of the rest are Dems, but he is in charge.

w said...

Arnie is a Republican in name only. McClintock was the Republican during the recall. Nobody wanted Tom because he didn't lie to them.

Property Flopper said...

And Bush is a RINO and so is Larry Craig... It seems that every Republican screw up is labeled a Repub In Name Only.

Funny, they weren't called that when they were elected, just after they mess up.

Akubi said...

I tend to think California is a rather unique mess best represented by Rep. Laura Richardson, so I won’t even begin to compare it to the country as a whole.

As far as gay marriage, I hear there are some technical problems with the licensing apps that were updated to handle the changes.

w said...

property flopper, Did I say I was proud of the GOP? Arnold is a special disgrace.

Akubi, I cannot wait for Obama as president with control over Senate & House. He can finish off the country faster than McCain in my opinion. The sooner we confront our debt the better.