Thursday, November 03, 2005

Bump, bump bump, another one bumps the bus

...And another one gone,
and another one gone,
Another one hits the bus.

Brian is sure going to be busy. Regardless it is too early to say just
how dangerous the Orange Crusher Line is going to be. First we need to
slow down to realistic speeds and thereby disavow the promised running
times. Then we'll need to spend a lot of money on safety improvements
thus disavowing the promised construction costs. Then we'll need to
further change signaling and auto control functions thereby increasing
congestion. Finally we'll need to use all these as the excuse for the
poor ridership and poor it is make no mistake. That's okay, all part of
the master plan. All these combined will be used to justify some very
expensive grade separations, a few crossing closures and conversion to
light rail. The camel has its' nose in the tent.

Maybe some transit fan is inclined to follow the lead of Houston and put
up a Wham Bam Tram Collision Counter on their website?

Top of the first inning BangerBus 2 hits 0 errors* 16 taken out 0
retired. RollingThunder 0 hits 2 errors 1 taken out 0 retired.

* Note: It will -almost always- be an error charged against
RollingThunder no matter who screws up.

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SmellyPogoStick said...

First & Murst!