Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I live in Ventura County near the city of Camarillo where we have some of the most
democratic growth controls in the nation. Note; I did not say strictest. I also live about 14 miles from
William Fulton, (Reluctant Metropolis) the author/city councillor who talks about cities like most
urbanists do but lives in the burbs like I do. Hmmm. Can't be that bad a
place eh? It's a very rich place. Personally I live on a golf course
surrounded by protected open space and protected agricultural land. I look
directly north as far as the California Condor Sanctuary and Topa Topa Mtns.
My driveway probably deserves it's own 3di designation but my cul-de-sac
street off of a tertiary road sees about 10 AADTs.

Topo: http://tinyurl.com/8yy7w

I for one paid attention to the Census trial balloon megapolitan/macropolitan "proposal."
For everyone else:
MASRC has recommended a Core-Based Statistical Area (CBSA)
Classification to replace the current MA classification. The cores
(i.e., the densely settled concentrations of population) for this
classification would be Census Bureau-defined urbanized areas and
smaller densely settled ''settlement clusters'' identified in
Census 2000. CBSAs would be defined around these cores. This CBSA
Classification has three types of areas based on the total
population of all cores in the CBSA: (1) Megapolitan Areas defined
around cores of at least 1,000,000 population; (2) Macropolitan
Areas defined around cores of 50,000 to 999,999 population; and (3)
Micropolitan Areas defined around cores of 10,000 to 49,999
population. The identification of Micropolitan Areas extends
concepts underlying the core-based approach to smaller population
centers previously included in a ''nonmetropolitan residual.''

The first time some previously independent region finds themselves annexed
to the "big bad place down the road" all hell is gonna break loose. Our
regional MPO is called SCAG. It roughly corresponds to megapolitian in
description. Attempts to acquire regional planning authority along with
their regional planning coordinating function has been met with reactions
from elected officials usually reserved for plague carriers. The joke
that went around was; "Q: What do you get when you combine Vent, LA,
San Berdo and Orange Counties? A: LA."

We don't do new communities anymore. We add to existing until the
become dysfunctional. Like the Valley. Adding TO, Moorpark and Simi
(and Malibu) to the Valley is that joke about the fat man averaging is
weight with a skinny neighbor.

Make no mistake. Megapols are a backdoor attempt at regional governance
specifically designed to be controlled by and oriented towards the core

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