Friday, December 16, 2005

Kalifornia Uber Alles

Random thoughts inspired by someone who claims to need to leave ca.

Koastal Kalifornia. Let's be clear. It is one of the very best places on the planet to live... except, it is expensive. Very, very expensive and even in the worst cases it will only crash to being very expensive.

Want to live in Koastal Kaliforina on the cheap? Easy, buy in 1965, '75, '85, '95 not 2005. Maybe buy in 2008? Sorry, won't know until 2010 or later.

I've never met the honest "never looked back" ex-californian. They've say they "made the right decision at the time," "done alright," all that but they can't get back in at the level they left.

There's a reason why California ends up with the majority of immigrants illegal and legal. Immigration is a huge social commitment, Kalifornia has been a good place to invest social capital.

Robert Kennedy was killed here. His assasination site has recently been razed for a new LAUSD High School. The title of this blog article is a song by the Dead Kennedys. Camera obscura my ass, we talkin' blogeria cultural obscura.

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