Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Pain Is...

For fun. People are telling us what pain is in the real estate world. After enough posts I'll start a retrospective of what Joy is.

To start:

Las Vegas pain; you keep your lawn green while others' are brown while your kid wears his sister's sneakers.

Los Angeles pain; Roy Lichenstien, "Oh my God, I forgot to accrue equity!"

Ventura pain; "So close to LA yet so far from its' troubles."

Santa Barbara pain; "But the other shack sold for more. My shack is nicer."

Cambria [and Wrightwood] pain; "Everyplace else should have crashed first."

San Diego pain; "Nice doesn't go down."

Boston pain; "Snow? Not at all, that is ambiance."

NYC pain; "As goes the financials so goes NYC."

SoCalMtgGuy, this is fun. I'm starting a thread just to collect these. Unless you object it is:

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SmellyPogoStick said...

Firstest with the Murstest!