Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Bubble "Goodliness" vice "Truthiness"

“As to the housing bubble; The housing bubble is a good thing. It is a voluntary mechanism to raise municipal revenues and assures more efficient use of existing housing stock thus reducing sprawl and stimulating the economy.”

TOLurker comments: More efficient use of housing stock – because people double-up in a house? More people in fewer houses? I thought that happened in a recession when young’uns move home and you have more housemates, intergenerational families under one roof. Last I checked, the housing bubble was exacerbated by restrictive planning policies demanding low density versus high density, a lot of speculators flipping empty houses (and causing more houses to be built than there is real demand for) which will (has?) result in many never-unoccupied houses in exurbia.

There's a bit of, okay a LOLT of tongue-in-cheek here. The housing market is indeed voluntary even as it is manipulated but those restrictive urban policies IMO exacerbate the bubble by pushing unnaturally high densities not low.


diemos said...

Hey Robert,

What is that a picture of? Do you have a link to it? It looks interesting. I'd like to hear what the designers had in mind when they laid it out that way.

sm_landlord said...

Housing crop circles.

Rob Dawg said...

A suburb of Copenhagen.
Discussion at:

I merely highlighted it as an extreme example of one part of the Nodaltopia I envision will be possible after we kill all the planners.

jmf said...

hello from germany,

great picture robert!