Thursday, October 25, 2007


Mozillo under investigation. Casey's 6 month tax delay ran out last week. Naked swimmers everywhere. Homebuilders on their last legs. The IBs tanking. Slightly used BMW M5 (obo/take over payments) anyone?


wagga said...

I'd like to think about naked swimmers first.

Bilgeman said...


Speaking of things crawling out of the ground:




Property Flopper said...

Wagga -

It's never the ones you want.


Imagine Casey swiming naked with Rosanne Barr...


Have a nice day :)

Casey Serin said...

Happy Birthday, Robbo... :)

Rob Dawg said...

Happy Birthday, Robbo... :)

Yes, thanks. [Was wondering if this bit would come up.]

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawg,

Liverwurst! I know you're only joking, but I wouldn't take a BMW if you gave it to me. I'd rather walk.

Rob Dawg said...

No my friend. Don't be so narrow minded. There's no end to the number of classic and modern BMW motorcycles I'd be glad to adopt as a my child. The F 800 ST is a modern classic.

There are even a few BMW automobiles I'd accept as a second vehicle.

Pleather Murse said...

Interesting CFC news today. Lost director Cisneros, stock down 10% to about $12.10 then recovered a little to end the day around $13. Odds of Mozillo's departure soon? Odds of CFC going into single digits?

Lou Minatti said...

Hippy birfday, Rob! Remember, getting older is not a bad thing, it's an excellent thing. Getting older beats the alternative 100% of the time.

Speaking of Geraldo, when it's hurricane season you see Geraldo down here wearing his rain gear and screaming into a microphone to show how dedicated he is. Watching some of the live feeds from CA, I notice that TV reporters like to dress up in kewl attire and goggles and masks so they look a bit like smokejumpers. Will Geraldo dress up and pretend to be a smokejumper? I bet he will.

Property Flopper said...

> Odds of Mozillo's departure soon?

Pretty good.

> Odds of CFC going into single digits?

Even better.

Odds of Legion dancing a "happy dance" tonight over the drop in price? Damn near certain.

Lou Minatti said...

Odds of Mozilo running off to a small island nation that doesn't have an extradition treaty with the US?

Rob Dawg said...

Jerry Rivers is granting my 'hood a visit? No. He'd drink my Chardonay but he has no interest in local stories.

On other subjects; CFC is, as I've said before, a zero as it is currently configured.

Rob Dawg said...

Odds of Legion dropping so much as 1/10th of one percent of his gains in the tip jar? ;-)

Ogg the Caveman said...

Odds of some caveman making a snarky drive-by comment about the tip jar and promised forums?

Lost Cause said...

Happy birthday, Rob! Have an orange day.

Bilgeman said...

Odds of the Great Big Launch being yet another Massively Focused Failure?

Happy Birthday Rob Dawg,(you old fart!).

Arthur Wankspittle said...

Happy Birthday Rob Dawg from me, you hang on, you're younger than me.

Anonymous said...

Slightly used BMW M5...

Motorcycle? See, I know nothing about them. Around here BMW = A44hole. I wouldn't mind a nice electric bicycle though. :-)

Anonymous said...

Birthday? How old are you anyway?

Rob Dawg said...

Caseypedia thinks I am 48 today.

Bilgeman said...

"Caseypedia thinks I am 48 today"

What's that in people years?

Santa Flipper Clause said...

Ho Ho Ho - It's Santa Flipper Clause

Happy Birthday Rob Dawg.

By the way, what do you want for Christmas?

Santa F. Clause

H Simpson said...

that would be 336 in dawg years my friend...
Damnnn, best use those electric candles before you re-ignite So California. ;<)

Had a buddy with a 1961 bmw with side car. Earles forks etc. Only had 5,000 miles on it. Belonged to his dentist in Ct. Just before he passed on, he sold it to him saying "you are the only one I know who will appreciate it".


Pleather Murse said...

From our "Stuff that makes you go Hmm" Dept.:

If the government has an interest in protecting against an irrational run pushing down the price of bonds or other assets, it follows that it also has an interest in protecting against an irrational run-up in the price of assets. In other words, shouldn't the Fed and Treasury take responsibility for preventing the sort of bubbles that we have recently witnessed in the stock and housing markets?

Legion said...

Happy B-Day dawg!

Back to CFC Insider trading

10/12/07 MOZILO ANGELO R Sold 139,916 $18.38 2.57 Mil
10/11/07 MOZILO ANGELO R Sold 139,918 $18.36 2.57 Mil
10/10/07 MOZILO ANGELO R Sold 139,918 $18.74 2.62 Mil
10/10/07 MOZILO ANGELO R* Sold 139,918 $18.77 2.63 Mil
10/09/07 MOZILO ANGELO R Sold 139,918 $19.87 2.78 Mil
10/08/07 MOZILO ANGELO R Sold 139,918 $20.14 2.82 Mil
08/13/07 MOZILO ANGELO R Sold 46,000 $28.40 1.31 Mil
08/07/07 MOZILO ANGELO R Sold 110,000 $28.06 3.09 Mil
07/31/07 MOZILO ANGELO R Sold 46,000 $29.89 1.37 Mil
07/27/07 MOZILO ANGELO R Sold 46,000 $29.59 1.36 Mil
07/23/07 MOZILO ANGELO R Sold 70,000 $34.22 2.40 Mil
07/20/07 MOZILO ANGELO R Sold 70,000 $34.12 2.39 Mil
07/19/07 SAMBOL DAVID Sold 4,250 $35.26 149,855.00
07/18/07 MOZILO ANGELO R Sold 46,000 $34.32 1.58 Mil
07/16/07 MOZILO ANGELO R Sold 70,000 $35.83 2.51 Mil
07/13/07 MOZILO ANGELO R Sold 70,000 $36.64 2.57 Mil
07/13/07 SAMBOL DAVID Sold 4,250 $36.50 155,131.38
07/12/07 MOZILO ANGELO R Sold 46,000 $36.45 1.68 Mil
07/11/07 MOZILO ANGELO R Sold 70,000 $35.68 2.50 Mil

* This filing is an amendment to a previous filing.

Insider filings are updated daily and are based on forms filed monthly with the SEC.

This guy is dumping stock faster than they can print the shares. This look like Enron to anyone else?

Legion said...

what's really sad with the new IAFF site is the way Casey drops hints about how a bad day can be changed by driving around in a lambo ....

Casey man, Galina is thru with your "I'm gonna be rich" bullshit (remember when he mentioned how he would have a private jet someday and make trips to Hawaii?). It's over Casey, you will never be rich, and Galina knows it. You can ride a yacht, drive a rented lamorghini, rent a mcmansion by the ocean for a will never be that rich, never. Give it up, Galina is gone.

Legion said...

Oh and for those who didn't notice, see how Mozilo started dumping larger and larger amounts of stock when the price was going down? Was he buying the undervalued stock? Hell no, he knew it would go down further. what a gigantic asshole. When he wakes up in hell someday, even the devil will ask him

"How much was gonna be enough for you Mozilo?"

Bilgeman said...

"Launch Day" must be "Earth Mission Mission Control" jargon for "Blog Ignore-mode"

I nominate, for FHB's swan song:


Akubi said...

Happy Birthday Dawg!

ratlab said...

Happy Birthday Rob!

Lost Cause said...

Are you and Hillary Clinton really twins?

The_Scum said...

Happy Dawg Day birfday.

"wagga said...
I'd like to think about naked swimmers first.

12:09 PM"

Can Akubi help with this?

Broward Horne said...

Recession Meme Revisited

A comparision of keyword count for "recession", 2001 versus 2007. I ran the original graph fourteen months ago when I first read Roubini's recession prediction. At that time, Google/Trends contradicted Roubini. Many things can change in a year.

Peripheral Visionary said...

CFC numbers out, and they are UGLY--$1BB loss for the quarter alone. But they're predicting moving to a profit(!) in the current quarter. I'm wondering if they have a magic money-printing machine that they haven't told anyone about yet, but the market is believing it, and they are way up in pre-market trading. Could be a rough day for Legion, the short squeeze will be on in a BIG way . . . :(

lorena bee said...

Launch Day?

I wonder why they picked your b-day to launch. :) Anyway, my screened at the moment comment from the site ...


bitterly spammed Oct 26, 2007 at 5:49 am

Why on earth did I get an email from Casey about this launch? I was under the impression all of the iaff site and old book site - content supporting (including and especially the email lists) was sold.

So why was the mailing list from that site used to spam the “opening” of the non-Casey blog?

Sounds like the new owner of iaff hasn’t bought everything he thought.

On the upside, thanks for giving me an easy way to unsubscribe from “updates”. At least if it doesn’t work I know who to pursue.

Anti-spam word: back

Not very apt as there is nothing “back” about this.

(Your comment is awaiting moderation)

Northern Renter said...

Dear Dawg,
Happy day after your birthday, Dawg.

The Tardy NR

Jim the Realtor said...

Happy Belated B-day, Dawg.

WeWantTheFunk said...

And the years pass as the flapping of a great black wing . . .

Happy B-day, Rob! And thanks for EN.