Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Try Try Again

A golf fanatic had always dreamed of playing at St. Andrews, and finally got the chance. Going with his wife, they teed off and he proceeded to play the best game of his life. After 9 holes, he was 5 strokes under par,and was on cloud nine. On the back nine, he started playing even better,even getting an Eagle on the 16th hole.

He was so excited that he ended up slicing the shot on the 17th tee,and as he walked up to it, saw that his ball was behind a small shack for the groundskeepers.

Now he started to worry that his score would go up, but his caddy came up to him and said “Sir, this may sound like a tough shot, but if you put it through that window, the ball should go through the window on the other side, and if you’re lucky, the ball will roll onto the green. The way you’ve played today, I think you can make it.”

So the guy takes a look and sees that it’s a tough shot, but possible, so he tries it. But his shot just misses the window, hits the window frame, and strikes his wife right in the head, killing her instantly.

Years go by and the man can’t forget that horrible day. People he tells the story to all sympathize with him, but he just has no will to live. But then he realizes what he must do - Face his nightmare!

He travels back to Scotland and plays another round at St. Andrews,and miraculously, he is playing another stellar game. He starts to feel better about himself as the round goes on, but when he approaches the 17th hole,he gets so nervous that he slices his shot to the same damned spot.

As at his ball lying there behind the shack, his caddy says “Sir, the way you’ve been playing, why not try a trick shot. Some of the other caddies say if you can get it through that window, it will follow through the one opposite it and roll onto the green.”

The guy says “Are you out of your fuckin’ mind? The last time I tried that I double-bogied!

Anyone who thinks this isn't about restarting the wild credit era isn't paying attention.


Property Flopper said...

First, try the engineers solution: Burn down the cottage and clear the shot. Can't move the ball, but nothing says you can't move the cottage.

Entertained said...

Actually, there is something that says that sadly:

From The United States Golf Association Golf Rules
Rule 13-2

"A player must not improve or allow to be improved his line of play or a reasonable extension of that line beyond the hole by moving, bending or breaking anything growing or fixed."

If a tornado had dropped the shack at that location though, I believe you would get away with it not being considered "fixed".

serinitis said...

Moving, bending or breaking does not say anything about burning. Burnign is clearly a gray area.

Pleather Murse said...

Maybe the windows were open.

Unknown said...

Golfing caused the housing bubble.

This is my new theory. Popularity of golf has gone 'thru the roof' in the last 10 years. So have housing prices.

Golf courses take up millions of acres of mostly flat, buildable land that is near or in urban or suburban areas. Golf should be outlawed and the land used to build affordable housing! McMansions on 4000 sq foot lots preferably.

think about it, its true! Anyway its a decadent, lazy activity that encourages sloth, waste of land, waste of water, and they dont even walk the whole course - the carts are redonkulous!

Rob Dawg said...

You guys may be "right" but sure are dull. No comments about the picture? Anybody laugh at the joke? Maybe it's me. Living on a golf course gives me a different view perhaps? Of course golf contributed to the housing bubble but not in an obvious way.

Golf has several characteristics that coincide with bubble issues. The biggest is something I haven't mentioned in a long time. In a bubble the very best items push the boundaries of price and valuation. Beachfront, golf course, forest boundary, urban growth boundary, riverfront, lakefront, see the characteristic? Behind me is a golf course, protected stream, restricted farmland and open space and finally state and national forests including wildlife sanctuaries. T'ain't no apartments going up in my view. Fore!

Bilgeman said...


Could see the punchline from...well...Scotland, but still good for a snicker nevertheless.

Especially if you know golf-cultists.

"Anyone who thinks this isn't about restarting the wild credit era isn't paying attention."

Ah, laddie, di ye nae ken that we're goin' ta borrow our way outta debt.

We'll all be Fliptards soon.


Bilgeman said...


BTW, if ye wanna buy a golf course, the one in my community is up for sale.

You can build your house right in the middle of the fairway, if you like.

And you'll like our (lack of) taxes in the Auld Dominion.

The lake's swell, too.


Sac RE Agent said...

where do i go to line up that caddy?

Rob Dawg said...

Aye, nae butt a piece o'cloth tween thee and the hole. If yee swing ah' club of enough girth yee be free tay play through with me blessin'.

I've said before. I am planning to build a fly-in resort. I'll need 400 acres or so depending on what I can bump up against. I'm thinking 27/36 holes, cross-country skiing, very limited snowmobile/motorcycle access and an unusual 3 season season. Summer thorugh Winter with "Spring" off limits. I'll consider "selling" sites for corporate/hyperluxo clients but on the olde model of thee lord of the land. I intend for my resort to be used not "preserved" much like in the Teddy Rooseveldt conservation model and not like the excrebale Yosemite plan.

Pleather Murse said...

FSBO - Groundskeepers Shack on 17th hole. 200 sq.ft. Dual windows enable easy play-through. Orig. $550,000 now marked down to $400K.

Pleather Murse said...

BTW is that golf club in the photo for sale? ;)

Bilgeman said...


scratch "Groundskeeper Shack", substitute: "Easy maintenance resort studio estate".

Then we can up the offer price by 50k.