Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mien Gott I Am a Misean!

Over on the Calculated Risk Blog Counterpointer read my comment:
Not to worry. i plan on owning and operating a for profit chain of reeducation camps. State funded and to big to fail of course. And at graduation rather than robes, everyone wears a tarp.

For mustard seeds this one is a doozy. Here's where he went with that bit of inspiration:

Rob Dawg's Misean Institute Local 401.

Core curriculum : Term One

1. Household Balance Sheets : An Introduction to Penury

2. How Wall St Ate Your Retirement

3. How to Spot Financial Advisory Fraud : The Mouth Moves

4. Mid-term Debate : Keynes, Friedman And how to Hose the Future

5. Rethinking Grandchildren : Basic Costings

6. Survival Mandarin, Part 1

7. Zen and the Art of Hummer Maintenance

8. Fieldtrip to the Fed : BYO Small Arms

9. Why Dark Pool Trading is Not Your Friend

10. Countdown to a COMEX Bust : Probabilistic Modeling and You

11. U6 and the New Leisure Society

12. End of Term Asssignment : Where did the TARP Funds Go?

Term 2 : Applied Course TBA

Rob Dawg's Misean Institute Local 401:

Semester II : Applied Curriculum - Building on the Lessons of Semester I

1. Do You Look Good In Orange? A Wall Streeter's Guide to Gitmo

2. Living With Gruel : An Update

3. Introduction to the New Nutrition : Squirrels And Their Many Uses

4. Super UNsize Me : Homilies on CDSs

5. Tort Refresher : The Value of the Paper It's Written On

6. Mid-term Roundtable : Squashing the Long Bond Yield, a Discussion with Guest Experts Dryfly, Bondgirl, and Jansen.

7. Applied Baltic Dry Studies : Term Paper The Long Trail from the ASX to US Manufacturing

8. Poverty in Context : Comparing North Carolina and Sierra Leone After the Rebellions

9. And Not a Drop to Pump : Oil Supply Distortions and the Case of Georgia

10. We are All Iceland Now : Historical Perspectives on Iceland, the Pound, and the Swiss Collapse of 2009

11. The Fundamentals of the Bailout Are Strong : TARPs, TALFs and Why Five-letter Acronyms are an Excellent Short Position

12. Final Paper : It Could Never Happen Here. Discuss.

Semester 3 : Working Professionals' Core Course, tba.

Rob Dawg's Misean Institute Local 401

Semester Three : Applying All We Have Learned

1. Do You Look Good In Orange II? Rectal Care and Maintenance in Challenging Environments

2. Guest VC Commentator : Neutron Bernie from the US Virgin Islands on Booking and Busting $50b, "You have to start from zero to get back to zero".

3. Headline Writers Are Morons : Bloomberg Edition. Discuss.

4. The IMF Is Back In Business : Streamlined Conditionality and the New Endocolonialism, with Brad Setser

5. The Anglos do the Slavs, Again : The Eastern European Bust of 2008

6. Mid-term Debate : The Austrian School and the Psychopathology Of Market Fundamentalism, Deflation Case Studies

7. To Build a Better Oligarchy, an American View

8. State Failure: When the State Is Your State, A Presentation from the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, with Q&A and vodka cash-bar

9. Introductory Air Movements and Convoy Behavior : Looking Out For Ourselves And Applied Tinfoil Techniques

10. Tamade! Ni Shuo Shenme!?? Further Guidance on Cross-cultural Negotiation Tactics.

11. Spontaneously Arising Leadership : So the Syndicalists Had a Point?

12. Term paper : How It Will Never Happen Again. Open Discussion.

The Curriculum Board makes no undertakings that course Participants will either learn or activate the learning imparted. Past returns are no guarantee of future results.

You have been duly warned...
Enjoy. Leave praise in the comments.


Unknown said...

Will this "camp" be affiliated with "The Donald"? Only with the approval of "The Donald" can this venture succeed.

Oh...Mursting First...kind of bad TV watching night.

Random10 said...

A question on Semester 3 Unit 8: State Failure: When the State Is Your State, A Presentation from the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, with Q&A and vodka cash-bar.

In what currency will alcohol be denominated? I ask because I have some exquisitely engraved Zimbabwean 100 million dollar bills I am willing to exchange for a refreshing gimlet to two.

Lou Minatti said...

3. Headline Writers Are Morons : Bloomberg Edition. Discuss.
Yep. I check Bloomberg late at night to see what's going on in Japan and Hong Kong. They want their web site to look like a Bloomberg terminal, with the stupid orange type on a black background. The headlines look like something a frosh journalism student would hack together.

Actual headline on Bloomberg right now: "Schwarzenegger's $42 Billion Crisis Makes Judges Homeless, Derails Bridges"

Tyrone said...


Santa Flipper Clause said...

Ho Ho Ho - It's Santa Flipper Clause

13. Your car, your house, one and the same. Extra, using your back seat as a living room.

14. Everyday items that you can manufacture into a tear gas mask.

15. Plants that double as toilet paper with no long lasting health issues.

Santa F. Clause

Anonymous said...

16. How to purify piss into drinking water with an old five gallon paint bucket.

17. Soylent Green recipe book.

wagga said...

18. Living off the land. Many delightful & flavorful plants in the Sierras. Let's not tell them that the carrotty-looking plant is Hemlock.

wagga said...

19. CTD: Clockwise or Counterclockwise.

wagga said...

20. Top Ramen & Cheese Mac - Can they sustain life?

w said...

Very creative!

21. Fundamentals are no fun - how not to become that irate guy who never gets invited to Manhattan cocktail parties.

Plapdip said...

17. yes.

trent said...

I just found out that the Casey Serin troll known as "Tavington" has passed away. More information here:

Tavington RIP

wagga said...

2759. Breading koi - become a Real Estate guru.

H Simpson said...

SoCal may have green ponds, but up North, a new problem has started.

Many abandoned houses are not being heated anymore, but the banks did not turn off the water either.

hence the pipes are busting left and right and when they do, the walls and ceilings are trashed too.

Tyrone said...

Housing Bubble=Skateboarders Dream