Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wrightwood Market Chaser

Apr 15, 2009 Price Changed $249,000 -- SoCalMLS #P650549
Mar 28, 2009 Price Changed $279,000 -- SoCalMLS #P650549
Feb 15, 2009 Price Changed $299,000 -- SoCalMLS #P650549
Nov 12, 2008 Price Changed $329,000 -- SoCalMLS #P650549
Oct 05, 2008 Price Changed $349,000 -- SoCalMLS #P650549
Aug 28, 2008 Price Changed $379,000 -- SoCalMLS #P650549
Aug 06, 2008 Listed $419,000 -- SoCalMLS #P650549
Jun 23, 1998 Sold $195,000 -- Public Records

Do we need anything more? Aug '08 $419k. Apr '09 $249k. Why even bother? -$170k over 8 months.


1.44MB said...

Do we need any more?
Sure - how about another $70-90k off to actually shift this?

Rob Dawg said...


w said...

Whew, went into the plague zone today and got back out okay I think. A slight stomach ache after having a mocha malt at the Habit, but I washed my hands before I drank it and held my breathe most of the time I was in the hot zone. Also, stopped for some tacos al pastor. The cook looked healthy so I went ahead and consumated my meal. But to be sure I ate it alone in my truck.

Wish me luck tomorrow.

Cobradriver said...


I'll post up some stuff for ya next week. I have been here in
alibamers hanging with a bunch of car nuts. It is really interesting who is buried in work and who is a little slow.

I am actually impressed how many guys have no debt and are crushing the competitors who have to make those payments.

Off to eat some of the great local pulled pork,in honor of the .gov...


Bill in NC said...

Like I said before, back to 1999 levels for real estate prices.

Unfortunately, household income will be going back to 1989 levels...