Friday, July 10, 2009

Bowl Season

It's time again for fabulous Fridays at the Bowl. Tonight we get fireworks too!

Los Angeles Philharmonic
Bill Conti, conductor
Monica Mancini, vocalist
Dave Grusin, piano
Brian Stokes Mitchell, vocalist

From "Moon River" to "Days of Wine and Roses," Charade to Victor/Victoria, and The Pink Panther to Peter Gunn... join the LA Phil and a stellar lineup of special guests on a journey celebrating the unforgettable legacy of music for film, television and orchestra by the four-time Oscar-and 20-time Grammy-winner, legendary Hollywood Bowl Hall of Famer Henry Mancini!

Yes, those are my seats.


TJandTheBear said...

Caught the killer final night of the Genesis tour there. Hoping to get back for some other great show, but not seeing anything on the event list that intrigues me... not being quite as cultured as others. :-)

p.s.: We actually walked there for a John Williams night.

Rob Dawg said...

Just driving to the entrance. I'll report tonight.

sk said...

Enjoy. Its truly a magical place. You didn't catch the bus from De Soto(or is it Canoga Ave ) then. Has traffic died down so much ?

Lost Cause said...

Saw Death Cab there last Sunday. My seats were not so good.