Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Daily California Watch 6

Selma, a California city with planner generated problems.

Dan Walters actually churns out a readable piece.

Treasury reveals why warrants are not being accepted. [small PDF file]

And finally. While the budget crisis occupies everyone's attention there is a subversive campaign to invent a new crisis; water.
Reservoirs at 20% capacity.


w said...

River Park builders say they are waiting for 2010 economic recovery.

wagga said...

Ha! 1 + 1 = 2!

On the Selma story, I correspond with McEwen, mostly on energy.

Only 2 reservoirs are less than 20% full - and they are miniscule compared to the biggies. Here are the real damn numbers.

The future of the Westside of the Valley is solar farming. Why? Water, Selenium, amongst other reasons.

NoVa Sideliner said...

From the Treasury PDF:

"For risk-based capital purposes, general obligation claims on a state receive a 20 percent risk weight."

Weirdness out here: Middletown Valley Bank, in middle of nowhere Maryland, was in the news this week for posting a notice that they will not be accepting California IOUs!

I can't imagine they'd get any. But who knows. Maybe there are vendors in Frederick that do business with California.

Or maybe some California refugee who moved there for work finally got his tax refund and tried to deposit the thing.

H Simpson said...

---Message to Arnold---

You need to change the subject
Change the subject now before people catch on!!!

Do like your inlaws in Mass.

[X] Middle of a budget crisis?
[X] Revenues not even close throwing 10 day old budget into the crapper?
[X] Govenor's numbers dropping like cinder block off the garage roof?
3rd House speaker in a row indicted for corruption by the Feds?
What is a state to do before the citizens get pissed?

Why have the transexuals show up on Capitol Hill demanding their own toliets in every public building.

Yeah, lets focus on an important issue like that and ignore that silly budget issue.

Send in the clowns.
There must be clowns..

Come on, everyone sing.
You too Arnold.