Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Craigslist Laugh of the Day

Date: 2010-02-24, 10:57AM PST

I have a 2008 Toyota Prius that is the top of the line version, loaded with leather seats, nav, premium Bose 6 disc CD stereo/speaker system.
It is white, and is in pristine condition.
Has 21,400 miles currently.
My wife and I are having our 2nd baby soon, and the Prius is just too small for us now, and we don't drive enough to get the savings on the gas.
So we want to have someone take over the loan and payments on the car.
This is a great deal for someone who doesn't want to put a bunch of money down, and get a great car with low mileage.
The car has always been serviced at Toyota of Thousand Oaks, where it was purchased, and there have been no problems.
It was just serviced and they did check the gas pedal just in case last week.
Clean title and no accidents, of course.
Payments are $607.11 per month including tax, and the loan has 53 months left.

$607.11 x 53 = $32,176.83

Brand new '10 Prius? 3-12 thousand dollars cheaper. Pathetic.


Pleather Murse said...

I love those "take over payment" deals. But I want to find one where I can just work it out with the current lessee, since the bank generally requires approval and qualification of all lease transfers which kind of defeats the purpose (if I could get a lease on my own I'd do it.) The idea is to keep the dumb lessee's name on the contract and if I miss a payment or two or (god forbid) should somehow become hard to find (or if I inadvertently sell the vehicle in Mexico) I'd like not to be on the hook for it you know.

Pleather Murse said...

BTW ... $607 a month for a frakkin' PRIUS? I could lease a damn BMW for that price.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Conspicuous environmentalism and consumption meet.

everything you needed to know about this idiots lack of planning is that they bought a jacked up prius a couple years ago and then had a 2nd kid making the car useless. Weird that two kids are too big for a prius as i recall my sis and i fitting in a dodge dart even with car seats.

TJandTheBear said...

What was the total term of that loan/lease? 60 months?? 72?!?

$607.11 x 72 = $43,711.92 is way too much money, yet 21,400 / 7 = 3057 miles per month doesn't sound like "we don't drive enough".

Somebody is lying through their teeth.

Bob said...

smug alert

$32K? I could get a late 60s Olds 98 and a Buick Riviera for that kind of money, with a enough left over to run 'em for five years.

Jean ValJean said...

It has to be 72 months. If these idiots could be taken in to pay $607/month for a Prius, they could be taken in to make the loan 72 months.

Plus it's an '08, so them having made 19 payments (72-53) makes sense.

And for the record, $607/month is MORE than my future ex-wife pays for her 1-bedroom, 700 sq. foot apartment.

Idiot loosers™

"The Great Unwinding"™ continues.

Unknown said...

When gas hit $5/gal, these things were selling for well over MSRP... and there was a waiting list. This guy probably just got screwed, is now realizing it, and is trying to unscrew himself.

"Clean title and no accidents, of course."

"Of course"? What an idiot.

Jean ValJean said...

$5k over Sticker in North Texas just 20 months ago, when gas WAS at $5/gallon.

Now that I think about it, that's just the right timing for THIS idiot to have been stuck with his $607/month payment.

Unknown said...

If they really cared about the environment they wouldn't be having a second kid.

segfault said...

They probably rolled negative equity into the Prius loan.

w said...

Jean nailed it. This Prius was bought during peak smug environmentalism when Hybrids were sold out and you could get $12,000 off on a full size heavy duty pickup truck.

w said...

Speaking of craigslist - I wonder who was living here.

Property Flopper said...

$600/month for 72 months? Wow, that guy got suckered. I'm betting the dealer STILL gets a smile on his face when he thinks of that fool.

As to the CL shack W found, I like the $4k to build on like this quote - It's 2x4 stick frame with cheap siding. Looks like particle board for the roof (I'd use 3/4 ply, but...). We're talking roughly $1k materials. It's also very much a "do it yourself" type of project.

Nothing to the main framing, the roof is the only thing tricky and that's just getting the cuts right.

I'm guessing W is right - temp living quarters for someone. Built without a permit and now the city is requiring it to be demo'd.

Rob Dawg said...

I'm guessing W is right - temp living quarters for someone. Built without a permit and now the city is requiring it to be demo'd.

At least mine is permitted and insulated. The builder is Tuff Shed. They do an excellent job. I'd guess that he paid $4k for the buy and install. He overpaid as mine is 3x and super upgraded and still cost less than $9k.

It's too bad there's no egress. Id get me a dozen day workers and some 4x4s and lift that puppy onto a flat trailer and be outta there for less than a grand.

Monica said...

Wouldn't it be just too cold in that shed? There are times when I find a real apartment that is not in the basement too cold in winter (there are occasional problems with heating on the week-end) or a little before and after the months when heating is provided. The day I moved out from my former basement apartment, I was wearing a thick sweater. That was in June. In the shed, there is probably ice inside in winter.

w said...

You probably have a friend with a helicopter! What could it take, 10 minutes?

Rich said...

I really think I'd cry if I were in this Prius situation. I know my wife would.

So was this just a crazy, crazy, crazy 72-month deal with pretty much nothing down...or was it that AND the amount they owned on whatever they might've traded in?

segfault said...


I'm guessing negative equity (several $k), added to the markup over MSRP ($5k), on a loaded Prius ($26-28k plus TTL), credit life insurance, and a high interest rate.

TJandTheBear said...

Yeah, segfault summed it up and it makes sense.

Those fools are trapped in that car.

Unknown said...

Hey at least they got to claim their electric hybrid vehicle tax credit.

Lost Cause said...

Does it have a car pool lane sticker on it?

Anonymous said...

Environmentalists buy leather seats? WTF?