Sunday, October 21, 2012

Prop 32

Yogi has been robbing pick-i-nik baskets for decades here in the Pyrite State.

This is basest politics stripped of a subtlety.  The unions both in California and nationally have directed tens of millions in opposition.  This is the greatest threat to union influence in state politics since... ever.  Well, at least since Jerry Brown let the genie out of the bottle in his first term by allowing union influence in during his first term.  There are some to this day who insist the decay of the state that started at exactly the same time is coincidence.

The opposition is trying real hard.  Super Pacs are exempted from deducting political money from employee paychecks.  BFD.  The issue is one thing only.  State and municipal unions cannot continue to use dues as bottomless political action funds.  They have to ask. 


TJandTheBear said...

I'd gladly give'em 30 just to get 32.

There's no way this state gets fixed as long as the lunatics are running the asylum.

p.s.: As noted previously, 30 is barely leading and 32 barely trailing in polls; however, I seem to remember the last tax increase barely leading going into the election before being soundly defeated at the ballot box.

Rob Dawg said...

Good point on polls. 30 trending down and undecided voters tend to no.

32 stabilizing just below 50:50 with few undecided. The union media buys are doing what they are designed to do. It is easier to get a "no" when you spend many tens of millions on no and equally as much creating FUD.

Prop 38 next. Fascinating case of populist democracy.