Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Early Market Close With Painted Ticker

The fast data are taking a pause in the end of year run up.  Case-Shiller paused as expected.  New home sales and mortgage apps are down more than might be just noise.  We see holiday spending plans are down yoy after being down yoy.  Part of that however is the massive "baby bust" fallout from the extended recession so don't worry.  Other datums are likewise not as extreme as the raw numbers would suggest.  The very rapid strengthening of the dollar causes lots of distortions.  The huge influx of foreign capital likewise.  And don't forget medium and long interest rates going "the wrong" way due to low inflation.  And full circle; low inflation (deflation) means putting off the 75" flatscreen until it is 40% cheaper next year.  And the poor retailers, offering 0% interest?  That's not good enough.  

Lots to discuss.  Suggestions for the extended weekend are welcome although in the interests of comity I may limit weather discussions to one no holds barred knock down drag out post so everyone can bitch or gloat as is their wont.  

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