Saturday, April 12, 2008

Get On The Gravy train

The Boston Herald has the story:
“I strongly urge you to provide direct funding to cities like Boston,” [Mayor] Menino said.

Menino argued that cities like Boston are struggling to deal with a growing number of foreclosed homes and can’t afford to wait for state governments to figure out how and where to spend the aid.

“I believe the focus on states seems to me a bit misplaced,” Menino said. “Cities - and especially mayors - are the ones dealing with this foreclosure crisis every day.”

Let me explain it to you Mr. Mayor. We are in trouble BECAUSE we gave these people money. Giving them more can only make things worse. Read the story about poor people and Barney Frank and how the foreclosure rate is actually very low. This is a money grab and political patronage.


w said...

Everybody has their hand out.

Northern Renter said...

May I humbly suggest that we all show some mercy towards the poor Bostonians. Their Bruin butts are currently being handed to them (hockey-wise) by the Montreal Canadiens, who deserve to win the Stanley cup. When viewed against the backdrop of the current playoff round in hockey, the severity of the housing bubble (which may well lead to a new Great Depression and a general collapse of society) does seem somewhat insignificant.


Lou Minatti said...


He can ask all he wants. There isn't enough money to "fix" the problem.

Why does Menino want to keep housing unaffordable for working class people?

Casey Serin said...

Did everyone finish doing their taxes? I did, and they weren't that bad. Initially, I was just going to ignore the tax man like I have for the past couple of years -- consequence-free, I might add.

But instead of simply not filing anything, I hatched a plan. I claimed that I earned $150,000 last year, and "accidentally withheld" too much from my paycheck. Looks like a $5,000 refund for me this year. Another sweet deal!!

Akubi said...

It has been very hot for this time of year, but after checking this afternoon I discovered the most serious issue was Very High Weed this afternoon.

H Simpson said...


You should have said $130K. Now you will not get the $600 rebate (figure you are not filling jointly with G).

Maybe you can refile..

As for Mumbles Menino, I again say he is the biggest hyprocite to walks the streets of the Bay State. And that takes a lot with clowns like Fat "a bridge too short" Kennedy , Rambo Keary, and Barney Frank in the running.

This is the same piece of politial crap who jammed the banks 2 years ago, imploring them on TV to make those loans even though EVERYONE knew the housing so was so far overpriced that only crooks, idiots, and immigrants who didn't understand what a bad deal is took the bait on crap 3 decker fire traps. But hey, tax revenues flowed to city hall.

So now folks are walking away because Mayor Mumbles's failed EEO plan to put a clueless policewoman in charge of the BPD several years ago. Crime went ga-ga for 2 years straight. Luckily for the city she split for a huma-huma job in Ireland and the new chief is working hard to learn the job as Boston is heck of a lot bigger than Lowell.

But the worst transgression from his honor is that while imploring people to give him money to move folks in, he is in the middle of engineering a new city ordinace to outlaw greater than 4 students to rent a house. Ok to house 8 if they are illegal laborers or meth makers. Just no students. His reasoning? Not enough low income housing. Yet he has whole sections of the city he wants free money for. Problem is nobody wants to move into those neighborhoods since they are dangerous because of that BPD fiasco.

The clueless locals love him, and I am sure he will get elected yet again, as his horse in the race is close to being sent to the glue factory (eg Hillary), so no sweet Fed job is coming his way.

With the statehouse handing the Gov his head last month, there will be no casino just outside of Boston, so no money stream to count on. Hence the mayor with the hat in hand.

What a pantload..