Monday, April 14, 2008

Hamster Kabobs

The [California Board of Equalization] estimates the state loses $14 million a year in untaxed pet sales, which if collected would cover about 0.0018 percent of the current deficit.

That assumes hamsters are "non-food animals."

Thank you Sacramento Bee.

Seriously the State sent out "reminders" that pet sales are taxable transactions in the hopes of recovering additional revenue. This is good news because it is finally dawning in some circles that were are in deep deep trouble. Tax every puppy and kitten and we can pay for Ana's 4th liver transplant.


Jean ValJean said...

FIRST to say... WHA???

Property Flopper said...

They'll spend more sending out the letters than they'll take in. Ugh.

Rob - I found this one interesting, feel free to top post it if it fits into your discussion stream:

Dealing with "walk away's", but definitely not harshly enough.

Rob Dawg said...

Thanks. I'll work it in. Right now I've got a Sterling Hills update that is just too juicy. FB, housing ATM, the works.

Lou Minatti said...

For some reason, I see that picture and think of hermit crabs under taco shells.

Rob Dawg said...

Hamsters in Habenero sauce.

It's not just for breakfast anymore but it is tax free.