Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Timing Is Everything

Timing is the new location. Here is a house that fairly screams location, location, location!

The Listing.
From Zillow.
And courtesy of the increasingly savvy Schahrzad Berkland, the foreclosure. Thanks Schaz.
Why bother with this particular multimillion dollar McMansion from which there are so many to choose?
Sale History 10/31/2005: $2,475,000
Currently asking $1,850,000
A thousand days and $625 per day from the peak.

I predict some of these houses will sell for less than what their lots sold for in 2004. Welcome to great slinky snapback.


Sweet Cashback said...

First, I know a NY governor that would think $625 a day for a hooker is cheap!
Second, Snowflake would go out with anybody for less then that....

Casey Serin said...

S.C., I'll go out with any guy as long as he acts like a gentleman, and treats me like a lady. ;-)

w said...

Please! Make it stop.

w said...

Funny thing about Spanish Hills. When the original Korean developer went broke they sold lots for 100k each. I remember houses going for about 600k new. About a year ago I saw some of those same homes listed at more than 2 million. One looked like it was listed by the owner/broker and it had an armada of cheap cars and an obligatory Hummer parked outside. probably the whole extended family moved into it like a giant apartment.

w said...
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Lou Minatti said...

Looks like any one of millions of cookie-cutter shitboxes put up over the past decade.

Maybe the location is great, but when I looked at it on Google Maps it seems like the view consists of looking down at the airport, and maybe a faraway glimpse of the ocean.

Lou Minatti said...

Carried over from a prior thread... AKUBI SUPPORTS DICK ARMEY! HOLY CRAP! Armey is the guy behind

Akubi said...

I do not support that guy in particular, but I do believe in letting the market sort itself out without bailing out:
A. Greedy Wall Street A-holes
B. Stupid-ass loosers(tm) like Casey.
Could go on and on...
C. More gubbermint involvement=Worse

Akubi said...

I am an angry condo owner (circa 2000 tech bubble purchase) who hoped to upgrade prior to my 20 year high school reunion (like I care - just playing along), but kept finding it was riskier and riskier to do so, so who gives a rat's ass about the Jones, I've got f-ing equity!!! Yet all I wanted was a real house and a pool and stuff.

w said...

Head of CalPERS is leaving. Must be a coincidence.

w said...

Secret Service Catch Mexican Official Nabbing White House BlackBerries,2933,352378,00.html

What can you say, put blackberries in front of a Mexican and he picks them.


Curious said...

@ 6:08 PM, Lou Minatti.

I think Akubi jumped the shark about 6-8 months ago. Without the skinemax blogs, nobody would pay any attention to anything Akubi had to say. But that's just my personal opinion and my personal reaction to anything Akubi posts.

I recognize that Akubi has a longer and more appreciated posting history with most of you, but as a relative noob to Rob's blog (and the other financial blogs frequented by Akubi). I don't get it, probably because I'm a noob (1+ years of reading) but I freakin' hate all the stream-of-consciousness posts of supremely boring shit that gets posted under Akubi-doo's name.

If there is a blog where Akubi makes more sense and would allow me to understand the (supposedly) quirky humor and dedication to porn, will somebody please point me towards it?

No offense intended, but when I read Akubi's posts I just don't feel the same reaction that most commenters here seem to approve.

sincerely baffled.

Curious said...

11:24 PM, Curious said...

My bad. I didn't realize you were baiting.

tj & the bear said...

30-day change: -$351,000

Wow! At that rate I could move in by late summer!!!