Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday Angry Rock Blogging

Because trash like you will never have
The means with which to live
In any modicum of luxury
Or vague derivative
Of comfort don't stray beyond your class
You'll never crack this ceiling made of glass

Just live to work and then expire
Keep your mouth shut you might retire
With something more then debts
Stretched far beyond your means
Pledge allegiance
To the corporate machines

Don't you dare step out of line
Everything will be just fine
But you'd better mind your place
Just learnt to be a good consumer
You're now a number
You've no longer got a face

Let my anger be my declaration
My dissent my participation

Resistance isn't any use
Just consume, obey and reproduce
The next working class who'll shoulder
Your burden of despair
Your empty cries for a living wage
Our system doesn't care we don't care

That our system won't provide
For public health
We don't care that your left
Out in the cold all by yourself
We don't care

And for the Akubi crowd the full on anti-Bush version here.


Ogg the Caveman said...

Murst, loosers!

Akubi said...

Sweet! I feel like a regular blog celebrity with my very own Haterz and "anti-Bush crowd"!

Casey Serin said...

I'll just throw in that I'm very anti-"bush" too, if you get my drift... ;-)

w said...

Akubi, You have no Haterz.

Akubi said...

Here are some fishnets for Casey's anti-"bush" crowd!

Rob Dawg said...

You know I just the tired old bush hatin' stuff no matter true or not. so, anyway i sucked it up to link you something I thought you'd appreciate. Did you like it?

Casey Serin said...

Who else here dislikes the president but is fond of the current VP? That's me in a nutshell... I don't care for Bush but I just love Dick!

I kind of like VP Cheney as well. ;-)

Akubi said...

I'm with Casey on that angle. Now, back to astute thoughts on the global economy going down the toilet...

w said...

Please make it stop:

This must be the cover to some grannie-porn DVD.

wagga said...

New career for kc: Apiarist

BJ said...

For some odd reason, the good-riddance 'ditty' tends to piss me off. Maybe it is the overall hidden sense of entitlement behind the vitriol. Maybe because I started working by digging ditches for plumbing/sprinklers, clearing backhoe dug ditches for house foundations. Moved on to building forms for pouring foundations, framing and to finish carpentry. I was offered the business of an old carpenter's which was clearing $50k to $75k/yr in 1981. I had to turn him down. I couldn't see doing it the rest of my life.

I didn't buy the latest gadgets or newest hot car when I was doing blue-collar construction work. The money went to my college education. Started out as Physics, ended up with Computer Engineering.. from which I now draw a 6 digit salary as a Principal Engineer.

I still don't buy the latest gadgets. My car is a truck that is over 20 years old. I don't have an iPod, don't have an iPhone. I think they are 'cool gadgets', but not worth the price. So what do I do with the 6 digit salary? Pay taxes of course (got really screwed this year). I max out my 401K, put money in an IRA and the rest gets invested in savings (no - not at a bank, try a brokerage). The result is now that my investment returns are 1/3 of my total AGI... and having to pay still more taxes. Am I supposed to feel shame because I busted my ass to get where I am now financially?

I do spend money on things that make sense, and I go for quality. I also make sure I can afford it.

By the way, I still have most of the tools I used when working in construction. Skill worm-gear contractor saws(2), Skill drills, Makita miter saw, several framing squares, levels, saw-guides, several framing hammers (24 through 32 oz). Axes, sledges etc. I don't put down having worked blue collar in construction. It gives me an edge. I can do better work around the house than most people you hire. I have a better idea of the quality of construction on a house than most inspectors.

I am not an unusual case. I know of several immigrant families (did it the legal way) who started blue collar and pulled themselves up by the bootstraps; one of them a janitor at a University, who also took college courses. His salary is now very close to mine.

Most of the time, I find that the vitriol comes from people with an over sized sense of entitlement. Get over it. You really are not that special. You really can only be expected to be compensated in proportion to what you bring to the table, don't expect to be compensated for merely existing.

It is possible to get ahead in life even now. You just need temperance, forbearance, willingness to spend for needs instead of wants, willingness to plan for the future. You can't expect to live like a millionaire on the wage of flipping burgers and McDonalds. On the other hand, if you own several McDonalds franchises....


As for universal health care, that is another boondoggle that will further screw middle income people... brought to you by the very companies that caused the problem in the first place; insurance companies.

w said...

Amen BJ. The only thing you are given in America is the opportunity to succeed. It is much harder for some, but it is always there. That is why immigrants want to come here. Not for an easy life necessarily, but for the opportunity to work towards something. Something of your own that you have some control over. Too many people who are born here think they should just be plugged into the system and not have to do anything special like save, plan or improve themselves.

Lou Minatti said...

W, Madonna has never been hot. She's always been a hairy Italian chick who is good at self-promotion.

The people who think Madonna is hot are the same people who think Julia Roberts is hot.

Rob Dawg said...

Mystic Pizza was pretty hot.

Akubi said...

I've never been much of a fan of Madonna's music, but her use of signs, icons and such has always intrigued me. For 50 she sure looked gpod in the dominatrix boots in the recent Vanity Fair photos. OTOH she somewhat reminds me of Hillary C. - something that just won't go away.
Luba is way hotter than Julia Roberts BTW.

Akubi said...

Neil Diamond for President!

Akubi said...

Dawg Dude,
You seem to spend more time reminding the peeps how wealthy you are on CR than maintaining your own blog. Well, I have an answer to EN and the angry peeps who frequent it: a new f-ing blog that makes as much sense as the others.
Curious, I jumped the shark at least a decade ago.

Anonymous said...

You seem to spend more time reminding the peeps how wealthy you are on CR than maintaining your own blog...

Yeah HELOC money, like everyone else in Cali. HAHAHABWAHAHA!!

Ogg the Caveman said...

@ Akubi:

Dawg Dude,
You seem to spend more time reminding the peeps how wealthy you are on CR than maintaining your own blog

He wouldn't want Tanta to think that he has a short driveway, would he?

wagga said...

Found this food for thought.

Scroll down to comment #122612.

All of this raises the question: does any nation really want to emulate the American system these days? After all, the U.S. has the worst pre-university education system in the industrialized world. It has one of the world's largest prison population. It has a currency that is in danger of meltdown, because of your out-of-control deficits. It has a population that is the most economically polarized in the First World. It has a crumbling infrastructure. It has at least 47 million people who have no health-care coverage.