Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Repo Man: The Sequel

File this under you "can't make this stuff up" and "Rob Dawg told you this would happen."

Car thefts, break-ins traced to Tujunga squatters

By Brandon Lowrey Staff Writer
Article Last Updated: 04/08/2008 06:18:27 PM PDT

TUJUNGA - Police have traced a rash of car thefts and break-ins to a pair of Tujunga squatters camping out in a vacant home tucked away in a secluded, hilly neighborhood.

Tipped by suspicious neighbors, police on Saturday staked out the house in the 7200 block of Tranquil Lane, where they spotted a recently stolen car. Within hours, they arrested Ian Soovajian, 25, and Jennifer Laguardia, 30, both of Tujunga, at the vacant dwelling[emphasis added].

Police were drawn to the neighborhood earlier after finding a number of abandoned stolen cars in the area.

They believe the pair stole the cars, took whatever they could find inside, left the vehicles in the neighborhood and simply walked back to the home on Tranquil Lane.

I wonder if the pool out back was green? "Tranquil Lane," LoL.


eric said...

First to say I love that movie.

Bill said...

Like I said earlier, homeowners in Detriot have this one figured out.

Once the police have rousted the current squatters, they head back over under cover of night with gasoline and road flares.

Not that appealing as a squat after that!

Casey Serin said...

Does anyone know any vacant properties around West Sacramento? I'm getting really tired of my parents walking in on me with my head in another guy's lap.

I'd like my private life to be truly private, but my budget for a place of my own is currently about $3 per month. Thanks for any help... :-)

Rob Dawg said...

1526 "H" Street
Sacramento, CA 95814

is currently unoccupied and only $4/day.

Casey Serin said...

I went there, only to be greeted by a large, barely intelligible Austrian man who asked me if I knew how to remedy California's enormous debt.

I told him to just stop paying all employees of the state government, then flee to Australia. He looked at me and said, "Hasta la vista, baby".

Too many public officials around the building as well. How about a vacant house in The Castro? ;-)

Rob Dawg said...

I was hoping you would give him some advice. after all you are doing better than he is at managing debt.

Casey Serin said...

Well, thanks, I try... if there's a better way of paying down debt than sleeping all day, blogging, and stealing from your parents, I haven't heard it! ;-)